Legendary Musicians of Karachi

© Legendary Musicians of Karachi

Hello LMK Followers,

The Legendary Musicians of Karachi (LMK) team will now be transferring all their material (articles/artwork/blogs) here.

For those new to LMKThis group was set up in January 2010 to record the talented  musicians and bands that were part of the entertaining and bustling nightlife of Karachi from the pre-partition days onwards.  

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For the many that have contributed via photographs, articles and other material.  We simply cannot thank you enough and truly appreciate your support!

Thanks and Big Love!

Most of the material available here is © Legendary Musicians of Karachi.

Please contact us if you would like to share any information.

The LMK Team 

Lynette Dias Gouveia aka ldg  (founder & editor ~ lmkonline)

Bosco D’souza

Ron Pinto

Beenisch Tahir

Group Administrators/ Moderators

Sabby Patrick

Allan Smith

Hassan Nasir Mirbahar

Ali Tim

Jesse Saville

Teejay Dammanwala


4 thoughts on “Legendary Musicians of Karachi

  1. I sang with his band as a floor show performer, in ‘Pindi Intercontinental in 1976, I believe. His wife made the most fantastic sorpotel just for mel!! A good , humble man, and a dedicated musician.

  2. Thank you so much! Lovely to hear that. Btw. Mr. Bawa I think you may have posted your comment in the wrong place. Will copy and paste it under Mr. Alex Rodrigues write up.

    All the best ~ the LMK Team

  3. What a fantastic website following on the success of the Facebook group! Thank you Lynette for creating and developing this truly great idea with your LMK team.

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