Bands of Fatima Parish ~ by Bosco Dsouza

Is it Bosco…..hmmm

© Legendary Musicians of Karachi

During the 70’s, no other parish in Karachi can boast  they had the best times of their lives other than Fatima Parish.  Thanks to the ever energetic parish priest, Fr Kieran Smith.  

He had the parish rocking with non-stop activities like Talent shows, tombola, Jam Sessions, Christmas and Easter plays, 4 choirs, a mini version of Jesus Christ Superstar on Good Fridays, summer vacation programmes, picnics and the best of all, we had 8 bands!!!

Thanks to Fr Smith, musicians from other parishes used to envy the equipment we had.  While most musicians played on equipment made in Sialkot or were from Sardinia, Wood and Tone, Saeed Music palace, Schwartz; we were using the Fender Precision bass,YC20 Yamaha organ, TA60 Yamaha Amp , Heath kit Amp and the only twin tom tom Gracie Drum set.

The bands were:

THE YOUNG ONES ~  Roland D’Souza, George Green, Gabriel Rodrigues, Jefferson Chen, Desmond Saldanha (all guitarists), Allan Goveas, Alex D’Souza, Oscar Cordeiro (all drummers), Clarence Andrade, Michael Castellino (Sax & Clarinet), Julius Saldanha & Dennis Davids (Keyboard)

THE FABS ~ Christopher Fernandes, Dennis Nazareth, Brian D’Souza, Llywellyn Davids, Cajetan Rodrigues, Tony D’Souza (TJ)

THE REBELS ~ Michael Rodrigues, Merwyn Correa, Randolph Monterio, Roland Rosario and Kenneth D’Souza. This was the most successful group playing for a lot of weddings, dances and KGA shows.

THE FLASHLIGHTS ~ Milton Correa, Rudy D’mello, Ronnie Correa & ……..

THE OBRLDS ~ Marshall D’Souza, Joe Lewis, Willie Joseph, Benny Joseph, Patrick James and myself i.e. Bosco D’souza.

THE BUTTERFLIES-Ludy D’lima, Margaret Andrade, Alice Palouse, Maryanne Pereira and Chrsylin D’Souza.  Thanks to Allan Goveas, this was the most successful band among the girl groups, playing for Radio Pakistan, Parsi weddings and Navjote and also played for Simon D’lima mela.

THE RECORD BREAKERS ~ Mariette D’Souza, Janice Correa, Lolly Almedia, Mildred Correa and Maria Wallis.

THE NOISE MAKERS ~ Ann Andrade, Virginia Fernandes, Jacinta Soares, Genevieve Rodrigues.

Photographs we could find ~ courtesy Bosco D’souza

THE YOUNG ONES 1966 (below)
Desmond Saldanha & George Green on the guitar, Dennis David on the drums, Allan Goveas on the Harmonica, Gabriel Rodrigues on the accordion and Julius Saldanha on the piano

The Young Ones ~ 1966
© Legendary Musicians of Karachi

THE YOUNG ONES 1966 (below)

Roland D’Souza lead guitar, Desmond Saldanha rhythm guitar, George Green bass guitar, Allan Goveas Drums,  Alex D’Souza standing behind George green playing the tambourine.

The Young Ones ~ 1966
© Legendary Musicians of Karachi


Ludy D’lima, Margaret Andrade, Alice Palouse, Maryanne Pereira and Chrsylin D’SouzaAllan Goveas and Bosco D’souza

The Butterflies ~ 1976
© Legendary Musicians of Karachi


4 thoughts on “Bands of Fatima Parish ~ by Bosco Dsouza

  1. Yea fatima parish, tell me about -it.
    When i used to play with the original
    young ones (clarinet/sax) it was fr. Dan
    that encouraged all bachas to come and play music during (tombola intervals).
    Yes i do remember fr. Kieran smith too.
    God bless

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