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Who can forget the Fatah brothers of Karachi… These super talented, gorgeous men of the 60’s were the real deal.  Apparently they haven’t changed a bit.. Still recluse as ever and genuinely humble home-birds with an intense passion for music.

Thankfully we are able to see some of these rare photographs courtesy Khalid’s wife, Carol Humphrey-Fatah followed by messages and emails sent to us by fans and Karachi musicians all over the globe.

Khalid, Ayaz, Farooq and Mansoor.

The Fatah Brothers
Artwork ~ by ldg © Legendary Musicians of Karachi

Artwork ~ldg

Ron Pinto ~ “These guys were Great musicians !!  Cool Memories!”

Bosco D’souza ~ “Watched the Bugs play for a concert at St Pat’s College in 196?,had the souvenir of that concert for so many years!!!”

Theresa Barrett ~ “I remember The Bugs played at a St Joseph’s Convent High School fete and my sister and I were caught in a crush waiting to get into the school hall to see them. I nearly accidentally strangled my little sister as I had my arms around her neck, making sure she didn’t get lost in the crowd. Happy happy days!”

Buzz…………… The ‘Bugs’ were Big!!
with Afzal JaveriAyaz FatahJamshed (Jim) Muzzaffer and Farooq Fatah.

The Bugs

Sebastian Noronha ~ “Heard these guys playing.  They were the best at that time.”

Allan D’souza ~ “Great memories. They ranked up there with the best at the time. Talismen, In-Crowd, Keynotes.. ”

Kevin Mendonca ~ “Definitely one of the most talented band in those days, I too remember the show they put on at St. Joseph Convent , must have been around 10 years old but still loved the show.”

Like Harvest ~ The Fatah Brothers ~ Ayaz,  Khalid,  Farooq and Mansoor

Like Harvest

Bloody What’s the Matter!!

Bloody What’s the Matter

Lawrence Soares ~ “I had the pleasure of knowing Afzal Javeri during his last days (1990/1991) when he was battling cancer. Even in his pain he still took time to laugh & we shared some great times at the Aga Khan Hosp (i used to work there) ….He certainly was a charismatic & wonderful person and was loved by all who interacted with him at the hosp. May his soul rest in peace.”

Tariq S. Mirza aka T-EEM ~ “I was present at this Fleet Club show, I was probably 10 years old (and wanting to play music). If I remember correctly this was not a battle of bands but it was the first ‘Pop Concert’ in Pakistan. Put together and organized by Pervez Mod who passed away a few years ago. The line-up of the bands was just great for that time. I’m a big “Bugs” fan but it was very hard to hear them that day, maybe because they were one of the first bands to play and the sound people hadn’t figured out the levels or maybe the crowd was just too loud…it was kinda like the Beatles shows were, you could only hear the screaming girls.

Just last year I was back in Pakistan for a tour (live in Los Angeles now) and me and my friend Kazim with whom I had formed my first band in Karachi, Hilltoppers which eventually became “21st Century” went to check out Fleet Club just so we could re-live that day. The guard would not let us in the auditorium but after15 minutes of pleading and heckling him he finally gave up and opened the lock and there we were like the kids in the 60’s. I didn’t know Kazim at that time, but he said that he and some friends had gate crashed the show that day, as it was a sell out. We talked about all the bands that were there and we came to a conclusion that “Bugs” were our favorite Pakistani band of all time. I had also seen the Bugs live one other time at a house near Hill Park, I have no idea how I found out about that Sunday jam session but I was there and standing 2 feet away from them. This time I was able to hear them perfectly. I think that day they opened the show with Beatles’ “Roll Over Beethoven” a song written and first recorded by Chuck Berry. It just so happened that last year in Karachi, I also came across Jimmy their drummer and found out the house near Hillpark was his parents house. Jimmy was in good shape and I think if Carol can somehow manage to get the old farts Fateh’s up and together for a re-union show in Karachi…that would be just awesome. In any case a big thank you to the Bugs for rockin’ out Pakistan in the early days.”

Photographs contributed by Carol Humphrey-Fatah


4 thoughts on “The Fatah brothers ~ by ldg – 60s

  1. btw Brilliant job Lyn – all the hard work of getting info,pics,treatment ,writing and finally putting it all on a website …… is tuff ………very tuff ……….i know that ……

  2. Very cool… Yes Karachi had some of the best musicians during that time.
    Unfortunately there is no more freedom for western music in Pakistan compared to those times.

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