The Xavier Sisters ‘a short blurb’ ~ by Jennifer – 60s

Karachi’s First Girl Band of the 60’s

The Xavier Sisters
© Legendary Musicians of Karachi

© Legendary Musicians of Karachi

Category ~ Musicians of Karachi

Artwork ~ ldg

It all started in 1961 when our mother, who was the driving force behind us, got us to sing at our first concert while she played the guitar.

We were five sisters.  The band started to evolve during 1965/66 and by 1967 we played for talent shows and jam sessions all over Karachi.

Soon after we were on radio and TV and then on to play at various other venues with contracts in different cities to which our parents always accompanied us.

We played everything from pop to jazz and all kinds of dance music.  We did a few songs in French, Spanish and Italian including one Punjabi song on TV.

In 1972 two of the sisters moved abroad and boys were incorporated into the band.  The band finally broke up in 1975 after the rest of the family emigrated.

Very sadly Cynthia the second eldest sister passed away in March 2009.

Image from ‘Dawn Lifestyles’

Article done by Menin Rodrigues 

Dawn Lifestyles pg 12

Friday June 24, 2011


11 thoughts on “The Xavier Sisters ‘a short blurb’ ~ by Jennifer – 60s

  1. Hi there –
    it is an amazing pool of info ! I have tweeted and face booked to my wall for all the music gorillas out there to know .But
    i am unable to read the news paper article .is it my age ,my eye sight or the font size ?
    These ladies for sure seem very talented and into their groove, Frankly they look like the Supremes of Pakistan to me .Wish i could listen to some of their recordings .Why doesn’t God make talented ladies like them any more?
    Ali Tim

  2. Let’s talk f a c t s sumjah….. And stop b s’ing… We had awesome bands / groups in karachi….. But the xavier
    sisters were the first band that went and played in another country (iran) this is a fact……

  3. Howdy behains/bhais, how you doing man smile ….. Cause i’m just but a legundary musician….. But even thou i’m going to hit 63 yrs soon, just gimme a keyboard and hear me play the song oye como wa…… And believe me you all may be shocked…. Oh yea my meagre charge is only ‘a small coffee from tim’s double double…. Salaam god bless until the end of time sumjah s m i l e

  4. O yea sisters/brothers i do have 1 more thing to say ( i did marry my true love in 1977, brenda xavieir and we broke-up in 1994 because i i messed-up…sumjah yes it was my fault as to why we broke-up)… But i look at the present, we have 2 awesome daughters and 2 awesomer grand-daughters whom i adore….all the best god bless clarry

  5. Lets go back in time…… Karachi was the best city to live in 45 years ago there’s no doubt about it….. Only bierut/tehran/singapore were as good!! Yes, we who lived in karachi were blessed at that time period i am in tears whenever i remember those un-believable un-imaginable days never mind God bless smile/cherish clarry

  6. Yes, I remember them well in Society and Hussein D’Silva Town. Their mother taught me a bit of guitar in the early 60’s. Cecilia was the one I new best as she was ~ my age. I think they are in Toronto now, so am I.
    Frederick (Alan) Correa

  7. Karachi of those days was modern and prograssive hijab .no segregation of sexes.boys an girls had fun it was so harmless ,they played music ,no bombs ,no talaban ,no killings ,we could go out late to movies and clifton and be back home safe .there wasent so much rush on the roads ,not many had cars people would be walking and in trams in sadder to kemari .buses were on time .,and look at karachi now ,no place to li
    ve any more ..sooo sad ,the karachi i was born in has gone ..

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