Rhythm Quintet ~ early 60s

© Legendary Musicians of Karachi & Ron Pinto

Category ~ Legendary Musicians of Karachi

Tony Pinto
of the original Rhythm Quintet doing a Jim Reeves coverLittle Old Dime
Played, arranged and recorded/mixed ~ by Ron Pinto 

Rupert D’costa ~ “This was one of the most famous and popular bands at that time in karachi…they mostly played for weddings then.  Tony Pinto’s brother Thaddeus was my best freind and classmate”

Allan D’souza ~ “Priceless memories. John worked with my dad at Grindlays Bank for years until dad retired. Paul used to front up uninvited with his sax and jam with us at the Village restaurant in Karachi”.

Rhythm Quintet of the early 60s with Peter Soares, John SoaresPaul Soares, Alex Soares, Thaddeus Pinto and Tony Pinto.  This band was also known as the Soares Brothers before Thaddeus Pinto and Tony Pinto joined the band.

Photographs contributed by Lawrence Soares

Artwork ~ by ldg

Rhythm Quintet – Photographs contributed by Lawrence Soares
Artwork by ~ ldg © Legendary Musicians of Karachi

Ron Pinto ~ “They were great neighbours………..and really cool guys!  used to steal that black guitar to learn to play………..when the man wasn’t around !!

Kevin Mendonca ~ “Everybody growing up in those days that loved music knew or heard about the Soares brothers, they are legends!”


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