Daoud Rafik (David Frederick) & Bobby Frederick ~ 70s

© Legendary Musicians of Karachi

The ladies couldn’t get enough of this talented duo, brothers Daoud Rafik (David Frederick) and Bobby Frederick.   They have been voted as the top ‘live’ vocalists of the 70s.

Daoud Rafik

Category ~ Legendary Vocalists of Karachi

Here is Daoud Rafik doing a cover by Santana ~ Black Magic Woman

Allan D’souza ~ ‘I recall David (Daoud) and Bobby Frederick singing ‘He Ain’t Heavy He’s My Brother’ at a social club named ‘The Bean Stock’ in Karachi. The harmony just blew me away. All done with Bobby playing a hollow body guitar. The American Teen singing group on tour were just as impressed.’

Heike Mazzola ~ “always remember the US boys going crazy when he (Daoud Rafik) was singing “country roads” at Sonesta’.

Bobby Frederick
© Legendary Musicians of Karachi

Michael Rodrigues ~ These brothers were fantastic singers!  I was lucky to play with Bobby Frederick at the 3 Aces with the original Blackjacks.  Can I say he was a true ‘gentleman’ and as good as he was, he appreciated every musician around!  And may I add every girl.. ok every other girl wanted a piece of his a** LOL!! it’s the truth!  Luv you Bobby!!

Bobby Frederick ~ with the Blackjacks
Artwork ~ by ldg © Legendary Musicians of Karachi

Artwork ~ by ldg
Daoud  Rafik again with ‘Lay Down Sally’

Ron Pinto ~ ‘Daoud
is one classy singer.  It was a pleasure to work with him.’

Daoud Rafik
© Legendary Musicians of Karachi

Daoud Rafik with Omar Sharif

Daoud Rafik and the great Omar Sharif
© Legendary Musicians of Karachi


10 thoughts on “Daoud Rafik (David Frederick) & Bobby Frederick ~ 70s

  1. I loved Daoud and Bobby. They were my best pals. We had great times especially Daoud and myself at Beach Luxury’s 2001.

    • I knew them from 4th grade, David, Bobby, Tony and Veronica. Does anybody know where they are? Last I met Bobby was in 1970’s before I left for higher education in USA. I know Veronica and Tony had left for California. Any information about any of the brothers/sister will be greatly appreciate.

      • Bobby is in the UK and David (Daoud) is in Egypt. I am in touch with them. If you go to our Legendary Musicians of Karachi group (forum) and page on Facebook you will be able to connect with them right away.

  2. David bud, or daoud bud, or just bud, do yu remember 1971 eh… Sir, its when yu noel fereira, hillary fialho, owen patrick and me used to play for gigs at the karachi american school????.. Yes sir, i do remember you and how kool/powerful your voice was (way back then)… God bless, clarry

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