The Moonglows ~ 60s

The Moonglows

© Legendary Musicians of Karachi

Category ~ Legendary Musicians of Karachi

The Moonglows
 of the 60s with Ronnie Rangel,  Norman D’souza, Colin D’souza, Dominic Fernandes and Maximus Fernandes

Photographs contributed ~ by Bosco D’souza
Artwork ~ by ldg 

The Moonglows ~ November ’65
© Legendary Musicians of Karachi

Ron Pinto ~ That’s Colin’s old guitar he used to lend me !!

Tahir Gul Hasan ~ Man!

The Moonglows ~ 1960s
© Legendary Musicians of Karachi

Michael Sylvester Rodrigues ~ I luv this pic!!! even before my time..I did hear of them…u know what!!!! I missed so much…even being there…

The Moonglows ~ 1960s
© Legendary Musicians of Karachi

Ivan Bawa ~ Great band! I used to watch them at the Beach Luxury Hotel, when ‘Ivan’s Aces’ was playing at the Palace Hotel in 1970.

The Moonglows at Midway House
© Legendary Musicians of Karachi

Kevin Mendonca ~ I used to love how Dominic would have his stuff displayed in his tailor shop window and loved chatting about music and the bands of those days

The Moonglows ~ 1960s
© Legendary Musicians of Karachi


3 thoughts on “The Moonglows ~ 60s

  1. Oooo man, i was still a bacha (music-wize) but yea i still remember this amazing group “the moonglows” from the60’s in karachi pakistan are any of these bhais/bros still alive? Cause i could not/would not progress music-wise if it were not for guys like colin thaddeus noel and an awwwwsome singer named david……. Yes sirs/maams the year was around 1971 and i used to play western music with noel owen hillary and david fredricks yea man, that was his name david fredricks………….. I loved the way he sang God bless clarry

    • Thanks for your comments Clarence. You should join our LMK FB group. We would love to hear more from you. David Fredricks is also a member of the forum and you could catch up with him there.

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