Blackjacks ‘Live’ at The 3 Aces Disco ~ Vol I & II 70s

© Legendary Musicians of Karachi & Blackjacks

Category ~ Legendary Musician of Karachi

Original  recordings of the ‘Blackjacks’ done on a tape deck ‘live’ at the 3 Aces Disco, Karachi.
Special thanks to Max Nazareth (RJ Radio Pakistan)
Editing ~  Bosco D’souza

The Black Jacks 70s ~ 80s
Artwork ~ by ldg © Legendary Musicians of Karachi

Artwork ~ by ldg

Lorraine Anne Frances ~ I had some great times at the horsehoe in the late 70’s (77-78)

Rani Ahmad ~ Bobby I am so proud to call you my brother…God has blessed you, David and Frank with such great talent….Neil Diamond would have given you a standing ovation. I love you…your sis.

Michael Sylvester Rodrigues ~ My Boyz!!!!!

Emily Dias ~ Hey Bosco thanks for sharing.  brings back good memories….

Blackjacks ‘live’ at the 3 Aces Disco ~ Vol I

Tracks covered:
Grease is the word ~ Frankie Valli
We’re all alone ~ Rita Coolidge
Love is in the air ~ John Paul Young

Spittaman Petigara ~ Superb, too goooood!! you cant imagine where this takes us, maaaan!!  takes us back in the memory lane, we are lucky to get to hear these great musicians…GOD BLESS ALL.

Yousuf Begg ~ Awesome!!

Joe Bahadur Bahadur ~  old old memonts will never be forgotten i still rember them with you and mam ji and papa ji with love joe and family

Kevin Mendonca ~ Heard the recording today for the first time, impressive considering it was done some 40 years ago, love the rich voice of the Fredrick brothers, both very talented,  loved them doing a duet, no one could compare with them in those days,  perfect pitch and vocal control.

Blackjacks ‘live’ at the 3 Aces Disco ~ Vol II

Tracks covered:
Sweet Caroline ~ Neil Diamond
Whiter Shade of Pale ~ Procol Harum
I am I said ~ Neil Diamond
Last Farewell ~  Roger Whittaker
Light up my life ~ Debbie Boone

Ruth John ~ Awesome!!!

Rani Pervaiz ~ Miss you!

Kathleen Bowers Francis ~ tears and laughter .. high and low moments .. anything was possible .. fear I did’nt know … thanks for sharing … “Sweet Caroline” dancing into the wee hours and early morning breakfast …

Amina Ahmad Ford ~ OMG Bobby Mamoo! This is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Robin John ~ Bosco u did a gr8 job…….a unique remembrance who plays this music now? God bless all these guys still living & in good health well Max Nazareth( R.I.P).

The Blackjacks at Midway House
Sabby, Glen, Roland (RIP) Francis (RIP) Rodney & Bosco
© Legendary Musicians of Karachi

Robin John ~ My good old friends………..Good musicians

Black Jacks ~ Holiday Inn with Ian Fyfe (RIP)
© Legendary Musicians of Karachi

Imran Nafees Siddiqui ~ i remeber i have been there once great place!!

Blackjacks at the Plaza Disco Jam Session
© Legendary Musicians of Karachi


3 thoughts on “Blackjacks ‘Live’ at The 3 Aces Disco ~ Vol I & II 70s

  1. Went thru the clips on Youtube,,,,This has taken me back to the good ole days. Can those days ever come back?

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