blackjacks ‘live’ at the 3 aces disco ~ vol III & IV 70s

© Legendary Musicians of Karachi & Blackjacks

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Original  recordings of the ‘Blackjacks’ done on a tape deck ‘live’ at the 3 Aces Disco, Karachi.
Special thanks to Max Nazareth (RJ Radio Pakistan)
Editing ~  Bosco D’souza
Photographs contributed ~ Bosco D’souza and Sabby Patrick
Artwork ~ by ldg 

Theresa Barrett ~ Thanks Bosco, Yes Max was a good friend and thanks to him my sister and I got our own half hour program on Radio Pakistan playing a selection of songs that we liked.  That was in the early 70’s.  I still have the two shows taped on cassette.  I also have a pic of Max and I dancing at your sister’s 21st birthday.  I should post it on the site! RIP Max. (Max Nazareth recorded these tracks)

The Blackjacks ~ 70s-80s
Artwork ~ by ldg © Legendary Musicians of Karachi

Blackjacks ‘live’ at the 3 Aces Disco ~ Vol III

Tracks covered:
1st of May ~ the Bee Gees
Girl You’ll be a woman ~ Neil Diamond
Lost without your love ~ Bread
My Life ~ Billy Joel

Moses Joseph ~ Hey Bosco, that was too good of Blackjacks plz keep up the good n hard work n give some more…. Bosco u reminded me the old days!!! God Bless!

Michael Sylvester Rodrigues ~ Hey let me clarify! When I say this is MY band I was so proud of back in the 70’s NO WAY was I the Leader.  Fun Times!!….Bobby was/is the Man

Charles Suares ~ this is really good stuff…..U guy rocked….I like the guitar Feel!

Darryl Leachay ~ very nice, i like it……..

Blackjacks ‘live’ at the 3 Aces Disco ~ Vol IV

Tracks covered:
Ah Ha A Ha Oh Yea
Got to keep moving on
Oh Jungle People ~ Soulful Dynamics
Tonight’s the night

I simply LOVE the music on this clip!!  It’s all warped and old obviously being recorded ages ago ‘live’ on an old tape deck…. nonetheless a treat!  Thank you Bosco!  Also may I add the ‘Oh Jungle People’ track on this clip was a song I loved singing as a kid!!  Thanks for bringing back some great memories…  ~ ldg

Michael Sylvester Rodrigues ~ Thanks Bosco! the old tape is getting warped…….I remember these songs….we just copied anything…..Copycats!!….I was there…I played…. luv it!!!!! live at 3 Aces…!!!! on a 20cent tape Deck….I wish I had the pictures or video….us playing…..for all you our early 20’s..of my life!!!! luv it….

Ali Tim ~ woaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh. Brilliantly played ! dig the ensemble ….collection of guitars, bass, drums and organs. The vocalist kicks ass….made me feel as if i was tuned to some old KC and the sunshine, kool and gang tape ………….good stuff guys

Diane Miller ~ Those were the days my friend…..going down memory lane…..What good music in those days…..Love all the effort put in it!!

Bazil Samuel John ~ Excellent performance by legends of Karachi bands, What a memory.

Jacob Paul ~ Bosco good stuff!!!!!

Tariq S. Mirza ~ That’s a pretty good recording for a 20cent recorder n in 75/76?…that’s great!  – TEE-M

The Blackjacks at Plaza Disco ~ Sabby Patrick, Roland Trinidade, Francis, Glenn Boyle & Rodney Judd
© Legendary Musicians of Karachi

Iqbal Kamdar ~ Never forget such hard working, talented young musicians who created music by hearing with limited resources.  I salute and respect their talents.  The way they sing, the way they play their instruments its really amazing.  – iqbal kamdar

When Glen hurt his back at Plaza Disco ~ Sabby Patrick, Solomon Clements, Francis, Glen Boyle and Rodney Judd
© Legendary Musicians of Karachi

With the Legendary Mr. Norman D’souza.

Norman D’souza – lead vocals
Glenn Boyle – vocals and bass
Roland Trinidade -Drums
Sabby Patrick -vocals and Trombone
Ronnie Remedios -vocals and Lead
Trevor Davids -vocals and Keyboards


5 thoughts on “blackjacks ‘live’ at the 3 aces disco ~ vol III & IV 70s

  1. My God!!! brought back memories of the good ol’ days. Bravo!! Blackjacks. The best thing is the coordination/sync of the band, the harmonies and reproducing it so close to the original songs. Just Loved it. The bands and musicians of today should learn from these guys. It is indeed very sad that today in Karachi there is not a single band who can come close to the Legendary Musicians of those times. I want to thank Lyn, Bosco, Max and everyone involved, from the bottom of my heart, who have put in so much effort to pass on this treasure to all of us. GOD BLESS you all.

  2. Incredibly nice of you’ll to post this. However the error. Original Blackjacks set-up (No photos available) the one on top is of the “Talismen”. This new set-up occured after the group came back from their Singapore trip, performed for a while and then split into “Talismen” and “Keynotes”. Circa 1979. The musical recording however is of the original “Blackjacks” (Glen, Michael, Bobby, Ronnie and Tony TJ)

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