Talismen and The Talismen Set ~ 60s-70s

~ Martin Fernandes, Nobert Furtado, Norman D’souza, Julius Saldhana and Colin D’souza
Artwork ~ by ldg © Legendary Musicians of Karachi

© Legendary Musicians of Karachi

Category ~ Legendary Musicians of Karachi

These big guns need no introduction to the musicians that were part of the live entertainment in the 60s and 70s.

Thanks to Ron Pinto we were able to retrieve these old recordings of  Talismen ‘live’ at the Beach Luxury Hotel  with

Colin D’souza – guitar/vocals
Norman D’souza – vocals/guitar/Percs
Nobert Furtado – Bass/vocals
Martin Fernandes – Drums
Julius Saldhana – Keyboards/vocals

Cover Fire and Rain by James Taylor

Recorded in 1971

Michael Sylvester Rodrigues ~ I heard they were the Jackson 5 before MJ…….dunno about Julius….step Child!!!! LOL….now these are Karachi boyz….U must be kidding me….I see some Africana blood….I luved that hairdo…even My lead guitarist Tony Rodrigues had the same hair…

Merlyn Furtado ~ My brothers both Sydney and Norman had style and were with the latest groove at that time. Norman still is!!

Ivan Bawa ~ Very impressive and true to the original.

Talismen ~ Norbert Furtado, Martin Fernandes, Colin D’souza, Norman D’souza and Julius Saldhana
© Legendary Musicians of Karachi

Girl from Ipanema by the Talismen ‘live’  at the Beach Luxury Hotel ~ 1971 with legendary musicians

Colin D’souza – guitar/vocals
Norman D’souza – vocals/guitar/Percs
Nobert Furtado – Bass/vocals
Martin Fernandes – Drums
Julius Saldhana – Keyboards/vocals

Merlyn Cash ~ Colin D’Souza was the Band Leader of The Talismen Set.

Ron Pinto ~ Colin used to send me to P.F. Pereiras to get Lemon tarts and pay me 5-7 bucks (which was a well paying salary in those days) and even made me eat it each afternoon that he came over……and he did come over a lot…..making that hefty salary!!  And check this out………when he hired me to play Sax with them at the Beach-Luxury hotel………..the manager said that i was too loud………..So he gave me the keys to his New Sport Vespa……..his pack of Gold Leaf with lighter………sunglasses, some money……..and said come back when it’s time for supper……….that was one cool guy……..Hey ! even Nobby and Julius did so much always !!!

The Talismen Set ~ 1964
© Legendary Musicians of Karachi

Raza M. Syed ~ Another legendary group!

The Talismen Set at Beach Luxury Hotel ~ 1970
© Legendary Musicians of Karachi

Geoff Jones ~ Great pic of yester year, nice legs Celine….Gj

Michael Sylvester Rodrigues ~ Absolutely luv this pic!!!!  Ron…u were a size 2 back then!!!!LOL!!Julius/Nobby/Colin/Thaddeus…Wow!!!u too Ronnie.  Forgot you on Sax!!!

Talismen ~ The original line up

Martin Fernandes, Norbert Furtado, Norman D’souza, Julius Saldhana and Colin D’souza
© Legendary Musicians of Karachi

Talismen ~  The line up that came later

Talismen ~ 70s
Hilary Furtado, Max Dias, Julius Saldanha, Norman D’souza and Anthony D’souza
© Legendary Musicians of Karachi

Lenny Massey ~ excellent :)

Photographs contributed by Ron Pinto
Clips ~ courtesy Ron Pinto and editing ~ Hassan Nasir Mirbahar
Artwork ~ by ldg

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