The Panthers ~ late 60s – 70s

The Panthers

Category ~ Legendary Musicians of Karachi

Photograph contributed by Syed Ahsan Sajjad
Artwork ~ by ldg

The bands first ever live performance was at the  “Mahapara”  lounge.  It was an outdoor event near the swimming pool area of Midway House.  The Midway House was a famous hangout for the crew of all International Airlines coming into Karachi as it was situated just near the old airport.   The band later struck a contract with Midway House and played regularly at the ballroom.  They also played with other bands at the Metropolitan Hotel and for events at St. Patrick’s school.


Track by ‘The Panthers’ 

Hassan Nasir Mirbahar ~ Great!!  I think we need to educate people about all these fusions in the old days…. …it’s only the dark period of late 70s and 80s which killed it all….

Tequila twist! One of the rare photographs available of Karachi’s famous nightclub scene of the late 1960s and 1970s.

Live music, great food, lots of booze and dancing were the hallmarks of the scene.  Shown here is The Panthers, a club band playing to a happy audience at a ‘mid-range’ nightclub in Karachi (in 1972).
According to former nightclub owner and entrepreneur, Tony Tufail, ‘Karachi would have gone on to become what Dubai later became if not for the ban.’*

*Nightclubs were closed down in April 1977

The Panthers ~ 1972
© Legendary Musicians of Karachi

Photograph contributed by Bosco D’souza
Artwork ~ by ldg


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