The Captivators ~ 70s

The Captivators ~ with the beautiful lead vocalist ‘Dawn Davis Fernandes’, Alan Alberque, Mario Rebello, Peter Paul Fernandes, Allan Goveas, and Reggie Gomes
Artwork ~ by ldg © Legendary Musicians of Karachi

© Legendary Musicians of Karachi
Category ~ Legendary Musicians of Karachi

Photographs contributed ~ by Bosco D’souza and Sabby Patrick
Artwork ~ by ldg

Clarence Lobo ~ Thats how I remember Peter when I last saw him! Allan you rock!!

Marilyn Fernandes ~ wow where did all these pics come from!!  fantastic!!

Michael Sylvester Rodrigues ~  I miss these guys/Gal…I was there….’ Knock three times’.  They were so beautiful.  Damn!  they opened for the ‘OCTORBER CHERRIES”…… WOW!! I REMEMBER!!!

Ron Pinto ~ Very nice one !!!

The Captivators ~ 70s
~ Peter Paul, Mario, Dawn Davis (later Fernandes) & Bosco D’souza
© Legendary Musicians of Karachi

Ron Pinto ~  This was when we used to play with the In-Crowd…………above in the Disco ! Great memories !!

Robin John ~ Cultivators………..lolllllllll   Well the “Captivators” I guess in SAMAR  Metropole good old days…….Peter Paul Gentleman God Bless his soul..

Spittaman Petigara ~ Peter Paul….

Captivators at Samar
~ Allan Goveas, Peter Paul Fernandes, Dawn Davis Fernandes, Mario Rebello and Terence Simpson
© Legendary Musicians of Karachi

Kevin Mendonca ~ Wow good photo,  Terence still had the guitar till the 90’s I used it couple of times

Darryl Leachay ~ Awesome,  i remember that bass guitar Terrence Simpson is playing on, he let me use it when i first started playing at the village resturant………… thanks!!

Marilyn Fernandes ~  my mum looks so pretty


3 thoughts on “The Captivators ~ 70s

  1. Smashing Picture! wowo! What a Blast from the past! Truly those were the Good Old Days
    in karachi!
    What other old groups,any from Soldier Bazaar! hillary Fielho the Patrao Brothers etc.

  2. I had some great times with these guys in 1983 that time the band was called Wings the band members were Peter Paul. Terence Simpson. Allan Goveas. Kevin Mendonce. Glenn D’Cruz. And myself.

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