The Fatah Brothers ~ ‘Serum’ live

© Legendary Musicians of Karachi & Fatah Brothers

Category ~ Legendary Musicians of Karachi

The men of the 60s ‘The Fatah Brothers‘ ~ Khalid, Mansoor, Ayaz and Farooq  with  Neil Blackwell and Mike R. in ‘Serum’

Musicians on this track:

Fatah Brothers (Farooq, Mansoor, Ayaz and Khalid) ,  Neil Blackwell and Mike R. “Serum”

Cover ~ Wait in Vain by Bob Marley
Remastered ~ by  Ron Pinto
Editing ~ by Lynette Dias Gouveia

Serum ~ The Fatah Brothers with Neil Blackwell and Mike R. in ‘Serum’
© Legendary Musicians of Karachi

Cover ~ So you want to be a Rock and Roll Star by The Byrds

Remastered ~ by Ron Pinto
Editing ~ Lynette Dias Gouveia

Photographs contributed ~ by Carol Humphrey Fatah


3 thoughts on “The Fatah Brothers ~ ‘Serum’ live

  1. Man, these guys are talented, I heard a lot about the Fatah Bros and their excellent playing from my senior musician friends, who saw them play live in the early days. Thanks to all involved for making an effort so that today, we all can enjoy the great music of the talented musicians. Good work LMK. God Bless.

  2. Eventhough I joinded the group I did not expext such amazing talent, seeing this I do beleve that young musicians today (may I say so myself as well) we were not as devoted to music, as the musicians of that time and it makes me pleased to have come across this website and music and I will be honoured to take part in this any way possible. Wonderful Work. Im happy, proud and am inspired.

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