The Cossacks ~ 60s – 70s

The Cossacks ~ 60s-70s
Artwork ~ by ldg © Legendary Musicians of Karachi

© Legendary Musicians of Karachi
Category ~ Legendary Musicians of Karachi

Photographs contributed ~ by Ron Pinto and Bosco D’souza
Artwork ~ by ldg 

The Cossacks at the Canadian Colony near Hawkesbay
Daphne Pereira with Paul Rodrigues, Francis D’costa, Joe Fernandes and Ritchie D’souza
© Legendary Musicians of Karachi

Ayaz Hashambhoy ~ The drummer seems fimiliar, Owen!

Owen Patrick ~ I’ve played here once what a party! took guitar lessons from Joe Fernandes I think…

Michael Sylvester Rodrigues ~ Wow!!! that’s my eldest brother…Paul…I think the band was called ‘ The Cossacks’ this is even b/f  I took up playing any music seriously….

The Cossacks ~ 60s-70s at The Midway House
© Legendary Musicians of Karachi

Daoud Rafik ~ Ah those clean cut days.  You had to have mom & dad’s permission to be out so late in those days.  I used to sneak out my bedroom window to go for a gig, come home before sunrise & be fast asleep like a nice obedient boy when my mom would try and wake me up for breakfast.  But all this ended just as suddenly it had started, when one night I sneaked out and some thief snuck in and stole my hifi.  Ah those clean cut days.

Owen Patrick ~ Clarence Andrade I can still hear your keys…  Remember when they asked you and Ken to kick me and Alex out of the band at the Midway house?

Tahir Gul Hasan ~ Great!

The Cossacks ~ Kenny Fialho, Thaddeus Pinto, Jerome Almeida, Joe Fernandes and Alex Gomes.
This photograph was taken at the State Bank of Pakistan, Karachi
© Legendary Musicians of Karachi

Michael Sylvester Rodrigues ~ I am guessing 1972-75… I remember Joe/Jerome step brothers playing with my brother Paul..  Clarry


2 thoughts on “The Cossacks ~ 60s – 70s

  1. Wow boss, this is news to me!!!
    You actually tell me that the likes of alex gomes, thaddeus p, kenny f, actually played with the cosacks???? When was this???? I love you all god bless

  2. No matter what, i do apologize to all of you that i offended, especially to lmkonline, pls forgive me .. Yeah boss,
    how can any of us forget those good
    care-free days ???? There is only 1 international language m u z i k
    smile i love you all, bye, god bless until we meet again sumjah s m i l e

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