21st Century ~ 70s

21st Century ~ Gold Medal winners at the Pop Festivale! Intercontinental, Karachi
Tariq Mirza (TEE-M), Zahoor Karamally, Feroze Dada on bass

© Legendary Musicians of Karachi & © Sana Nasir for artwork
Category ~ Legendary Musicians of Karachi

The ’21st Century’  were the Gold medal winners  at the Pop Festivale!  held at the Intercontinental, Karachi.  It was the first ‘Battle of the Bands’ in Pakistan.  The year was 1971.

Tickets for Rupees 10/- were being sold for Rupees 40/-

Hassan Nasir Mirbahar ~ as more and more stories are coming about these times, i am drowning more and more in a sense of deprivation of  not being able to know this legacy for years and of not being able to be there during those days…. but my heart keeps on crying for what has happened to our country! During those times we had plenty of bands with lots of variety….and it was a lively country when it came to the arts, especially music, of course theater was there too, but mainly in the 80’s…. But now what do we have, although there is ‘a lot’ (some may say), but it is not the same and could not be the same! Wish we could bring back those times in Pakistan!

Ron Pinto ~ If i am not mistaken……..the In-Crowd was there too !!  And i also remember talking to Feroze at the St., Pat’s canteen.  Was one of the best shows !!

’21st Century’ at the Rio Cinema stage, Karachi ~ St. Patricks College Function 1970
Feroze Dada, Zahoor Karamally, Tariq S. Mirza

’21st Century’

at the Rio Cinema stage, Karachi.   Not sure whether it was an event organized by

St. Patricks College but the year is 1970.
Rio Cinema was demolished and replaced by a mall.
Rock and Roll TEE-M  We love you! ~ ldg
Ron Pinto ~ Was there too !
Ali Tim ~ Really ..wow….1971 and Tee-M played?  I know him, he is Asad Ahmed’s uncle  and a v good looking man and sings The Beatles really well!!  i like him

’21st Century’ at a fashion show, Karachi Intercontinental
Zahoor, Tariq S. Mirza (TEE-M), Subak, Ali, Feroze

Ron Pinto ~ I loved the way you guys played ‘Edison Lighthouse’s…..  ‘ LOve grows !

The Intercontinental Hotel ~ 1971

The Karachi hip crowd cheering on 21st Century at the Intercontinental ~ 1971.

The show was a huge success with top bands performing that evening.  You can see the excitement!

Love, Laughter and Rock ‘n’ Roll!! 

The ’21st Century’ won the first Battle of Bands ~ Karachi Intercontinental 1971
Tariq S. Mirza (TEE-M), Zahoor Karamally, Feroze Dada, Ali Asghar

Ron Pinto ~ Wow !  Amazing memories………..i was at that show and the band was great !!

21st Century ~ Tariq (TEE-M), Zahoor and Subak

Photographs contributed by Mr. Tariq S. Mirza aka TEE-M.   Follow his work at http://tee-m.com

From ’21st Century’  Tariq S. Mirza (TEE-M) moved to the US were he has gone on to achieve major recognition through his first album ‘Earthiotic’ which made its worldwide debut on ‘Rock 50’ internet radio show and later released ‘Disappeared’ another successful track.

“His song and video “Hallucination” from the album has won the Van Gogh award for best Avant Garde Film in Amsterdam and the Golden Palm Award in Mexico.
The video is also the Official Selection at 8 International Film and Music Festivals around the world including Cannes, France, New York, Toronto, Canada, Los Angeles and others.  His song and video “Aao, Suji Ka Halwa” is a Top Ten hit in Pakistan…

TEE-M also co-hosts with Mike Stark on WPMD ‘TEE-M’s UNsigned Music Show‘  He has also been selected Music Connection Magazine’s 100 Hottest Unsigned Artists 5 years in a row.

Detail Karachi Circa ’77 ~ Illustrated by Sana Nasir
© Sana Nasir

We would like to say a huge thank you! to the lovely Sana Nasir for graciously allowing us to use her original illustration above for our ’21st Century’ page.   It features iconic images from the 70’s with the rockin band members of  the ’21st Century’,  Murree Brewery beer bottle,  Vintage Hashmi Surma Kajal Girl, Babu Beeri,  Hippy/sufi representing the famous Hippy Trails that started from Amsterdam and the Magic Bus through Iran (pre-revolution), Afghanistan, Pakistan and ended in Goa.   I absolutely love it! and have incorporated it with photographs of 21st Century above.   The colours on the artwork of the 3 initial photographs have been modified for this page.

Sana Nasir runs D.U.C.K! (Designers United for a Cause, Karachi!) ~ a humanitarian urban Design movement.

‘Thinkin about James Brown’ was originally a B-Side of a 45 RPM single.  This live performance was for a charity concert organized by the M.A.L.C.  ~  June 2007

Faisal Gill (lead), Giles Goveas (drums) and Alan Dcruz (bass) and the man himself on vocals & guitar


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