The Strollers ~ 60s

The Strollers (1965) – L to R: Stephen Silvera (manager)
Noel Roderigues, drums; Lourdes , rhythm guitar; Owen Patrick, bass, Carlyle Rocha on lead guitar Artwork ~ by ldg © Legendary Musicians of Karachi

Category ~ Musicians of Karachi

Photograph contributed by Owen Patrick

Artwork ~ by ldg

Owen Patrick ~ This one is for Theresa… Theresa and Carlyle Rocha ;- ‘The Strollers’ first gig at St. Patricks School Farewell Party for Mr. Bernard.  (Notice the dude smoking in the first row – ha!).

L to R: Stephen Silvera, manager; Noel Rodrigues, drums; Lourdes, rythmn guitar; Owen Patrick, bass (played on six string electric and a kick-ass Gibson amp), and the man Carlyle Rocha on electric guitar.

Theresa Barett ~ Wow! Wow! Wow! Owen, where did you dig this one from.  That is the first time I have seen you and Carlyle in a photo. We will have to find Carlyle to show him this one.  An absolute classic. Thanks so much!  This is such a treasure.

Ron Pinto ~ The man himself Carlyle Rocha is in the west-end of Toronto……….  ciao