The Incrowd ~ 60s – 70s

The Incrowd ~ 60s – 70s
Artwork ~ by Farah Abro © Legendary Musicians of Karachi

© Legendary Musicians of Karachi

Category ~ Legendary Musicians of Karachi

Live bands were rocking hard during the 60s and 70s and we had some exceptional talent coming out of the city during that time.  The demand for skillful musicians was high with clubs and discos heavily competing for business.

‘The Incrowd’ was a big name and musicians of that generation have put them on a pretty high pedestal.  Admittedly I have yet to hear one of their recordings as limited material is available.  However, I am hoping that we will find something to share here soon.

Whilst I am typing this I can hear a voice resounding in the background of one of my dearest friend and a fantastic musician himself.  He simply cannot stop highlighting how good these guys were and goes on endlessly about Edgar Saville and Ivan Menezes.  ~ ldg.

Photographs contributed by Jesse Saville

Artwork ~ by Farah Abro

Ron Pinto ~ The In-Crowd started with Edgar Saville, Ivan Menezes, Sydney D’souza, Noel Ferrier and Norman D’souza.  Norman and Sydney quit first and Willy Po joined (2nd generation) then we i.e. Edgar Saville, Titus Nunes, Hilary Fialho, Donald D’silva and myself Ron Pinto replaced Ivan Menezes, Leon Menezes and Willy Po; making us the 3rd generation.  Ivan also played with us in The Familiar Faces at the Nasreen Room.  Ivan played with a few others and then he passed away !!

Michael Sylvester Rodrigues ~ These guys are my Guru’s……Ivan/Edgar, I have yet to see better!! …and have been here 30 yrs….no Indian/Paki//goan has come close.

Louella Albuquerque ~ OMG Yvette I love this pic you look so good

Yvette Fyfe ~ Thank you, those were the days.

Geoff Jones ~ I know all these band members, they were friends, was the pic taken at The Metropole Disco? Yes those were the days and can never be replaced.

Chester Williams ~ Wow! I used to be in school.  I wish those days come back again…..Yvette really nice to see the younger side of you 🙂

Rose-Marie Fernandez ~ Great pictures – wonderful times.

Grahame Khan ~ Great trip down memory lane…thank you.

The Incrowd with Yvette Fyfe at the Samar entrance
Artwork by Farah Abro © Legendary Musicians of Karachi

Danny Dhalla ~  The Incrowd was the best band of its time and I remember Wilma Reading who used to perform at Samar; used to come every night before her show to the Discotheque just to listen to them for an hour and I asked her once what she thought of ‘The In Crowd’.   And she said ‘They are just superb, the best band I have heard in a long long while’ and that was a great compliment coming from Wilma as she was one of the best singers ever to perform in Pakistan.  I had heard Wilma in Samar many times & she had a great voice and one of her best songs was a gospel number ” Oh Happy Day“.  If you ever heard her sing it was like being in heaven.

Ali Tim ~ This is the most beautiful pic i have ever seen.  This is for real!  This is our history.  The real music makers …hippies ….style icons of yester years from Karachi.  They were legends then.  They are legends now. A big thank you for posting!

Ron Pinto ~ The best Rock Band of their time………….Their covers were like the original tracks…………..always !!

Spittaman Petigara ~ ooooff..SAMAR…wow man.. Hey God Bless u guys for the pics.

Shah Fa-yyaz ~ That is a masterpiece!.  Wish I had the money to sponsor this in the wax museum. Proud of you guys where ever you are.

Nilofar Lilli Afzal ~ OMG! This is so cool…. Does anyone know if they played in the nightclub at the Metropole Hotel in Karachi? I use to go dancing there but can’t remember the band.

Pervez Majeed ~ SAMAR entrance? Great photo

The Incrowd ~ Ivan Menezes, Leon Menezes, Edgar Saville and Willie Po
Artwork by Farah Abro © Legendary Musicians of Karachi

Danny Dhalla ~ Wille Po man where are you I sold you my drum set in 1971-2  dont remember exact year refresh my memory

Robin Panjwaneey ~ A regular joint on the week ends, great nights of Karachi.

Ron Pinto ~ Their cover of ‘ Argent’s ‘ Hold your head up with Willy was Awesome !!

Alan Vanderlowen ~ cool pictures of the good ole Karachi days.

Edgar Saville, Leon Menezes and Ivan Menezes
Artwork by Farah Abro © Legendary Musicians of Karachi

Robin John ~ Wow!! Ivan & Edgar……. God bless their souls.  great musicians!

Allan D’Souza ~ Absolutely. The best in their time. We used to go there often after our gig at the Village, which was a block down the road.

Nelson Fernandes ~ Its really nice to remember our legends of olden days….because of them we still have good music..

The Incrowd ~ Edgar Saville, Norman D’souza, Sidney D’souza, Noel Ferrier
Artwork by Farah Abro © Legendary Musicians of Karachi

Note by Jesse Saville
For those who did not know Noel Ferrier was a classically trained pianist as well.   That is what my dad told me.  Noel apparently played a number of instruments.  Take a look at them, they look Royal for sure 🙂  Without doubt 🙂

Ron Pinto ~  Lovely pic again and Re. Noel Ferrier………… You are right!  He even played great guitar and all the flute parts for the Jethro Tull songs………  Very gifted musician !!  It was always a pleasure to be able to listen to their sets at the Disco (Metropole) when invited……………….one Hot Band…………..learned so much from them !!  and one happy and loving group to hang out with………….great friends……………will always remember !!

Jesse Saville ~ Would like to add a small para about Ivan Menezes.  Ivan was very close to my family and even after he had quit The InCrowd he would still regularly visit our place.  On 11th June 1977, he dropped by in the afternoon to meet my dad.  Not much later, he was on his bike, ready to leave and said to my mom, “Joan, Tomorrow’s your Birthday, I am really looking forward to drop by, hoping that you’ll cook all that amazing food”.  My mom and dad both said “Do you ever need an invitation to this house? “Little did they know” that was the last time that they would ever see “The Great Ivan Menezes”.  Within the hour, they got the fatal news and my dad rushed to the hospital….. The rest is history and May, Ivan’s soul rest in peace forever.  “The greatest guitarist there was and I doubt there will ever be a replacement”

The Incrowd – 60s ~ 70s Photographs contributed by Jesse Saville
Artwork by ldg © Legendary Musicians of Karachi

Ali Tim ~ These guys look so cool …..i wish i could go back to their era and see them play live..

Nerissa Correa ~ Wow awesum Cuz!!  Just look at our dads … what amazing people!

Ron Pinto ~ These guys are very handsome……………nice vintage instruments too !!   Wow!! I remember the one in the middle ………..Hotel Metropole Disco…..great band that had some of the best musicians !! On the photograph top left – Who is the cute singer……..I remember the ‘Maitre D’ from the Samar !!

Spittaman Petigara ~ AWESOME MAAAAAN

Jesse Saville ~ Noel looks like Jon Lennon straight out of the Beatles in this one 🙂 (referring to the photograph center top)

Allan D’Souza ~ Thanks Jessie for sharing these photos.  Just awesome! I still remember these guys as if it was just a few years ago.

The Incrowd ~ 1960s with Norman Dsouza, Edgar Saville, Ivan Menezes, Sydney Dsouza, Noel Ferriera
© Legendary Musicians of Karachi

Lynette Dias Gouveia ~ This is where it all started.  Probably the oldest photograph of the band.

Ron Pinto ~ This one is even older…..i used to run around in shorts at this point…………..all wonderful guys and awesome musicians !!

Jesse Saville ~ Yeah this is definitely older, even the hair lengths are shorter 🙂 I think this was 1968 or 69, before they actually started at the disco.

Incrowd ~ 70s
Edgar Saville, Titus Nunes, Hillary Fialho and Ron Pinto
© Legendary Musicians of Karachi

Ron Pinto ~ This is awesome once more Jesse.

Michael Sylvester Rodrigues ~ Later on we became ‘The Familiar Faces’ …plus Donald…one Eye … Kanaa Ivan… Love!!! I was in Awe just to Stand … Ok Sit next to these Ustads…  I will talk about Edgar forever !!  just loved his style……I was a BachAaa!!! Memories.   Me on same keyboard and amp….My old Profile pic at the Nasreen Room…1976!!! I think .. Then the Ivan Tragedy!!!!

Nicole Nunes ~ Great pic! I’ll have to show my dad so he can reminisce about having hair at one point in his life. lol

The Incrowd ~ 1970 – 71
Edgar Saville, Titus Nunes, Hilary Fialho, Donald D’silva and Ron Pinto.
© Legendary Musicians of Karachi

Emily Dias ~ Hi Titus I hope you are connected to this link!

Merlyn Furtado ~ All the cool guys!!

Robin John ~ Funky………..organist……Saville.(RIP)


19 thoughts on “The Incrowd ~ 60s – 70s

  1. This is amazing Lynette. Please give your cousin a hug from my side, for the art work. Awesome, you just keep making this site better and better. Wish we could have a Facebook Oscar Award, it would go to you for the best Director, Best Original Artist and Best Creativity. Oh You’d surely win the Facebook Nobel Prize for all your dedicated, humanitarian services, in giving exposure to a very large number of individual musicians and bands… Congrats and hugs… Cheers and feel free to ask for my help when ever you need it !!!

  2. Just Beautiful, it is a pleasure to take a trip down memory lane and remember all the top musicians that we heard at some point in our life, either at Talents shows, Charity Shows, Parish Events or at Weddings where there was always a live band playing and sometimes if you were lucky you would have a guest band that would pop in (gate crash) to see their fellow musicians and play a session or two . AAAH those days, good friends, good food and the best of music you could ask for from the bands

  3. I have heard a lot about In Crowd .Never heard any of their music, recorded or live but from their looks and attire i can tell that they were very serious musicians and meant nothing but business . Love their bell bottoms . Here i must say that their pictures are nicely treated and the blog layout is very well done . Good to look at and easy to scroll’n’read .Peace

  4. Well done Lynette!!! There is so much in this story and the comments, that I too did not know about and have come to know now!!! Farah too has done a great piece of work and has livened up the pictures. It feels like yesterday instead of yester years!!!

  5. Am from Singapore and fan of sixties scene. There was a band from Pakistan that played for a few months in Singapore in 1971. Called Talismen. Blew everyone’s minds. They played progressive rock. Great Hammond sound.

  6. Those were the good ole days. St. Patrick’s High School. Father S Raymnod was the Principal then. Maxi & Dominic had their own band. I also know Bosco Fernandez.
    Any body who graduated St. Pats. in 1960-1961 please contact me (
    Also if any body knows the whereabouts of Rita Fernandes please contact me. She was PPrimary School Teacher at St. Pats. Karachi. ZAFAR SADIQ

  7. I love you allllll god bless but i do have
    a q i am not worthy of being a legend
    i am just a legund ? See ya

  8. Yes behains and bahai’s it’s true i love
    music my fav group is earth wind and
    fire. Only the orig. In-crowd and the
    talismen did have the talent to play like
    e w and fire. God bless.

  9. Bhai / behain, these were some real
    authentic legends in music:- ivan m,
    noel f, colin d, thaddeus p, norman d,
    dominic g, alex r, and the greatest was
    and will always be edgar s god bless

  10. When i used to play music in karachi there were 2 aahfath bands i.e the incrowd and the talisman . ..

  11. To all that i met through facebook i say
    it was a pleasure/honour god bless.
    I cannot access my facebook account
    ”facebook has detected some suspicious
    activity” ? ? ?

  12. Whoa man, for those of you who did not know that karachi had other superb bands too eg the moonglows but i still say without any doubt these 5 guys “the In-Crowd were IT” ” ” hotel metropole Disco downtown Karachi….. I have talked to my bud Noel Ferreira but i hope i get a chance to talk to my bud Norman D’souza toooo…. Cause they are the only 2 surviving members of the original group merr christmas and a happy new year God bless clarry

  13. Aslam Ansari from Paris: I have listened to “In Crowd” in the discotheque at Metropole. I was a student at Karachi University those days. This article about In Crowd brings all those memories… “Those were the days… Gone with the time…” I truly appreciate that you brought these people back into our hearts and souls!

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