Irwin’s Error ~ 1970s

Irwin’s Error ~ 1970s
Irfan Bawany, Tuppy Macdonald, Urooj Malik and Owen Patrick
Artwork ~ by ldg © Legendary Musicians of Karachi

© Legendary Musicians of Karachi

Category ~ Musicians of Karachi

Photographs contributed by Owen Patrick
Artwork ~ by ldg

Did this really happen in Karachi!              Yea baby…  it did!

at the  Teacher’s Masquerade Halloween Party on Saturday, November 3, 1973 at the Karachi American School.

Irwin’s Error with  Tuppy Macdonald on lead guitar & vocals,  Irfan Bawany on keyboards & back-up vocals, Urooj Malik on percussion & back-up vocals and Owen Patrick on bass guitar & back-up vocals.

Tuppy Macdonald ~ lead guitar & vocals

Check him out.

Bazil Samuel John ~ Wow! can’t believe Karachi was way ahead of its time; in our time. We were neck to neck with the wolrd’s musicians.

Clarence Lobo ~ Cool man! just love it!!!

Michael Sylvester Rodrigues ~ Where is Tuppy!!! Dude I missed him by about 3-5yrs…. Rock star!!! looking….I wish I played/heard him too!!!  luv all these guys…really really do…!!  Who would have thought!!!! that way back when in Karachi!!! we had stars….born..Naturalllllllllll!!!!!! I luv.. luv.. every pic!!!!! Memories…

Stephen L. Turner ~ I can still remember the rehearsals! Great photo!!!!!!!!

Darryl Leachay ~ niceeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!

Renate Klein ~ great pic Tuppy – with long hair….. 🙂

Bill Macdonald aka Tuppy ~ Yeah, but then I joined the freakin’ Army and it’s never grown back!!

Irfan Bawany ~ keyboards & back up vocals

Clarence Lobo ~ Now I know where Adnan Sami got his style!!

Darryl Leachay ~ cooooooooooooool ! dude

Urooj Malik ~ percussion & back up vocals

Michael Sylvester Rodrigues ~ Luv it!!! Karachi American School…private school somewhere!!! where?? Coming out of the Woodworks….great stuff!

Rao Mohsin ~ Wow he looks like Gumby 😀

Owen Patrick ~ bass & back up vocals

Theresa Barrett ~ OMG! This takes me back. Cool pic! Love it.

Ayaz Hashambhoy ~ Wow! Oven, I just re wound time!

Owen Patrick ~ Ayaz, think this was the night Brian raided the bar – remember that?

Ayaz Hashambhoy ~ OOOOOOOOOOOh! How could I remember, the bar was being raided & there was a consumer….. a free loader.  Great days!!!!

Michael Sylvester Rodrigues ~ He reminds me of ME!!!!! ME!!!!!luv it!!  LUv it!!


7 thoughts on “Irwin’s Error ~ 1970s

  1. i can’t believe my eyes. your guys have not changed a bit. me, i am an old man who should be dead after all the things we did. wonderful days at KAS and the park next door. still remember going to the beach house. swimming next to the power plant( what idiots ) Urooj, remember the bicycle who pulled in front of us? we were lucky, you scraped your leg and i fell right on top of that mofo.

  2. I’m in time warp. Playing at Tamur’s. Richard, Junaid, Motorbikes and lotsa freedom and no responsibilty… Beach trips beach trips and more beach trips, the Hut, the hut at the beach, the Hill, clifton, kda….never thought I’d get to 30 but here I am reminiscing….

  3. ok well here i am in Portland or. selling wood flooring. i don’t have any contact with anyone now. in the middle of my 12th grade, dad got shot in the chest walking in the front door one night and we left hours later. never went back and lose all contacts. love to hear from Junaid david sim, urooj really anyone out there. boy is Karachi fucked up now or what. luck we had the freedom to explore there when we did.

    • Richard Junaid is in Kinshasa Urooj in southeast asia yes Karachi is totally screwed up I was just there over Xmas. I do not have Junaids email but will try to obtain. I am in Houston

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