Hotel Metropole in the 60s

Hotel Metropole in the 60s
Artwork ~ by ldg © Legendary Musicians of Karachi

I just happened to come across this lovely image of Hotel Metropole photographed in the 60s posted by Mr Athar Khan on ‘I SURE WANT MY OLD KARACHI BACK!!”.  A facebook page created by Mr. Danny Dhalla.

I couldn’t help but feel nostalgic..  Where there was once the celebration of weddings, music, food, laughter and many other treasured memories is now merely an empty shell. ~ ldg


2 thoughts on “Hotel Metropole in the 60s

  1. The old car and clocks/antiques guy passed away -Hi son sold his antiques for many years at the same spot minus the vintage car and then he left too since there were no tourists coming to the hotel Most of the inner part of Metropole has been demolished .Hearsay has it that it was for reconstruction but some legal case popped up. Now It has a huge area facing the END of Share Faisal which is now an open air wedding garden and parking lot.The Village remains .It is no longer the same Metropole which had a 4th floor (my memory is failing me ) exclusively for the KLM crew or was that Lufthansa ? I once partied there with a German friend ……..eons ago!

  2. It was purely a coincidence that i was in-front of Metropole this evening .Cops asked me to stop because of some VIP movement and i parked 500 meters away from the grand building that was once the hub of a lot of social activities . For a few mins i looked at the building . It is sand coloured – read discoloured .The windows are gone and replaced by old card boards and thin wooden planks used for packaging . Yes the windows are concealed .Hope you didn’t expect shiny binds or one way reflective glass ? It reminded me of a building block in Chicago which once occupied by Black gangs . After police raided and evacuated the place they filled up the broken glass windows by chip boards . Metropole looked like a piece of bad architecture at 6:45 pm today . Outer units of split and some window air conditioners were hanging out of the ledges as they were ready for a bungee jump.. cop signalled to leave and cursing the VIP movement i stepped on gas . Sorry about a honest review – but i wrote what my eyes witnessed . So Long !

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