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This track was recorded by Glen Alfreds (thanks for sharing and preserving this cassette Glen).  It was recorded on a mono panasonic cassette player at the Horseshoe Restaurant in 1977, about a month before we got on that train and headed to Holiday Inn in Islamabad; where our bond grew not just as musicians but family during those three unforgettable years of living together.   Couldn’t do much with a copy of a copy but managed to get most of the tracks on a CD.  Will post some additional tracks when the time permits.
Dedicated to our brothers Edgar and Frankie.   RIP   ~ Eric Dsilva

Solomon David Clements ~ Yes the Communications were a band to reckon with, a very unique sound and a great bunch of guys.  I tell you these guys were amazing, their selection of songs was totally different from the main stream music which other bands were doing, Malcom Goveas one of the most solid drummers technical as well as solid meter,  Alan Dias one of the greats in bass, the combination between Alan and Malcolm was perfect.

Then you had the rhythm section Alan Vanderlowen (Vandy) one of the greats.  Also learned a lot from him..  great voice!,  Nizar Lalani ~  This guy would blow you away with his vocal abilities to do Stevie Wonder songs, yet to see someone who could sing Stevie Wonder like him.  Great on keys also on sax the talented Frankie baba and i remember Errol D’silva used to play lead another great musician.   Together these guys were awesome, wish someone has a recording of them to put on the website as i know they did one.

~ with Alan Dias, Alan Vanderlowen, Malcolm Goveas, Frankie (RIP)and Nizar Lalani
© Legendary Musicians of Karachi

Photographs contributed by Bosco D’souza & ldg

Artwork ~ by ldg

Clarence Lobo ~ Real good to see Alan’s old pics! He was an inspiration for us back then in society and yes, sad to say Frankie passed away.

Spittaman Petigara ~ oh oh, Nizar! bro.. extremely talented musician n my buddy.  Honestly, now when I see these old pics of these talented and seasoned musicians/bands, it saddens me, as there are no places…not one… where you can go and listen to some good live music/bands like in the good ol’ days.  Back then, we used to have a choice from Village to Horseshoe to 3aces, to Nasreen Room to Midway to..aaahhhgg…….each place with serious musicians packed with fun.

Alan Vanderlowen ~ Wow did not know this pic. existed.  Good friend’s good day’s RIP frankie.  THNX LYN.

Carol Vanderlowen ~ At last a nice picture of my brother Alan Vanderlowen with his band.

Chris Ali ~ Allan Dias, Alan Vanderlowen, Frankie, Malcolm, and Edgar (who is not in this picture) were part of Communications while in Islamabad.  They played at Marriott (previously Holiday Inn) for about a year.  They were a big hit in Islamabad.  They also got very popular among expats and members of the diplomatic communities all over Islamabad. They also played occasionally at Black Beards, an underground restaurant with a nice dance floor at Jinnah Super.  Alan Vanderlowen’s brother Gerard played at Pearl Continental Rawalpindi (previsously Intercontinental).  They were simply amazing.  It all ended with Zia-ul-Haq coming to power.

Dona Nazareth Andrew ~ Oh my Frankie…Allan Dias Heavens!

Haniya Athar ~ cool!

Kevin Mendonca ~ What happened to Nizar did he move on?  Cant remember him joining any other bands,  I only remember him with Underground 4/Communications, we lost track of musicians like him, Shamim, Arif and so many of our Muslim musicians that were part of the music scene in those days.

Spittaman Petigara ~ Nizar is in Karachi, he had a studio on Tariq Road, till recently and did very well as a producer.  I was with him for last 6-7years in the studio.  He is in the process of setting up a High end studio in Cape Town/South Africa which is nearing completion.  I had the opportunity to to go to Cape Town and visit his under construction studio there as well.  I wish him well as I personally think he is one of the most talented eastern & western musician/producer of Pakistan.

Boniface Herbert ~ The best Rock band ever !!!  I really like to thank Sir Alan Vanderlowen for helping me in my early days.  I wish him best of health and all the happiness in this world !!!

Communication in action!
with ~ Edgar Saville, Errol D’silva, Frankie, Allan Dias and Malcolm Goveas
© Legendary Musicians of Karachi

Ron Pinto ~ This is a great line-up of musicians………………… I’m sure they must have been a good sounding band !!!

Eric Dsilva ~ Hey Ronnie!  Thanks for the complements. We added Vandy to this team when we got the Islamabad Holiday Inn gig.  Some super times I will always cherish.  I heard Frankie passed away sometime ago.  Really heart breaking to see two in this picture no longer with us!! Take care Bro!

Ron Pinto ~ Eric I heard Alan Vanderlowen playing with dear Sydney D’souza with ‘Phase 2’…. for a private occasion in the Intercon……………..while we were in the Nasreen room and the guy sounded exactly like James Taylor !!!……Edgar and now Frankie……………….they both looked after me like a brother……………never forget !!

Chris Ali ~ The cream of the crop!  Thanks Eric. It was a treat to hear Malcolm play drums after a loooooong time. Couldn’t recognize him without his beard. (referring to clip posted by Eric Dsilva)

Kevin Mendonca ~ Sorry to hear that Frankie passed away, always wondered where some of the musicians had gone, I wish someone could load some wedding videos where the bands played in the good old days

Jesse Saville ~ This is such an old pic. Somewhere around 1979, before Errol bought his Les Paul and before Vandy entered the line up. One of the tightest line-ups I’ve ever heard. Everyone of them was a top gun in the band.

Russell Owen D’souza ~ Yes who could forget Frankie , i remember when i was a lil boy i used to see him walk into the hall get up on stage , he was awsome had a personality man in those days they were the kings…

Shah Fa-yyaz ~ Hey dont forget who supplied the stuff for the great music..yup Boch Hashady & the Sunburnt Kid.

Boniface Herbert ~ my fav band.

Chris Ali ~ Holiday Inn then is now Marriott. @ Eric: I don’t remember seeing you in Islamabad.  Seems like this picture was taken before they came to Islamabad because Vandy (Alan Vanderlowen) seems to be missing in the picture.



2 thoughts on “Communications ~ 70s

  1. Nizar and I almost started together in Karachi in 1969, primarily as amateurs, playing in our community band (we used to call it orchestra in those days). Nizar went on to become a professional of repute. Norbert Furtado (Nobby) was my class mate in St. Lawrence. Apart from being an excellent musician he was a gentleman to the core. He was my hockey team captain and also leader of Olympian House in school. I still remember when I heard Nobby, Hillary and the band play Elton John’s “Daniel” at Club 2001 (Beach Luxury). Wow ! nothing short of the original. I used to cherish visiting 007 & Casbah open air restaurant at the Beach, just to listen to Nobby and his band. Those were the days ! carefree, safe and secure. I would be extremely grateful if someone can put me in contact with Nobby since I lost contact with him after 1980.

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