Communications ~ live recordings of the 70s

 © Legendary Musicians of Karachi & Communications
 Live recordings of the ‘Communications’ courtesy Errol (Eric) Dsilva
4 tracks ~ see below

The best of the 20th Century with Allan Dias, Alan Vanderlowen, Malcolm Goveas, Eric Dsilva, Francis Anthony RIP (Frankie)  and Edgar Saville RIP.

Track 1 ~ Nighttime In The Switching Yard  by Warren Zevon (funked up by the Communications)

Boniface Herbert~ Simply Splendid !!!

Lynette Dias Gouveia ~ Groovy!! Love Love Love!!  Thanks so much for sharing.. Will be on lmkonline this week.

Derek Clements ~ absolutely incredible..

Bosco D’souza ~ Whats the name of this song? Good recording, never heard this song back in 1977!!!

Eric Dsilva ~ Bosco: the song is by Warren Zevon in 1977 – Nighttime In The Switching Yard. We funked it up a bit!!We would sit and work on making changes to suit our needs.  You can see the difference between the original on YouTube..

Ashley Clements ~ Amazing man love the groove.

‎Dona Nazareth AndrewKevin Nazareth You would enjoy this.  Brought tears to my eyes to see Frankie.

Michael Sylvester Rodrigues ~ really good stuff!! yeap!!! i know of no recording studios we had to do our stuff!!!! all the recordings was done live on a tape deck…that a friend would just hit the red buttong….I hear Edgar’s Brilliance on the yc-20 in the background.  Want to hear more of him…always….thanks Eric Dsilva Ghan***…I met you with Underground 4….ok slept w/you.  No not like that!!!love you brother.  Will come to see you soon…promise!

Clarence Lobo ~ Loved what Karachi music legends taught me!  Living a stone’s throw from most legends (p.e.c.h.s) and growing up in the right era, (70’s) I was fortunate!! Frankie as many more leave only their contributions! Thank you dear legends… those here those who ain’t!

Jesse Saville ~ Edgar Saville was the only one in his day to use the percussion key to perfection on his YC-20. Michael Sylvester Rodrigues would agree on that I’m sure. And MSR, I will be posting some more stuff of him, pretty soon…. Cheers !!!

Michael Sylvester Rodrigues  ~ Thanks Jesse Saville!!!! I was there to see how brilliant he was on the same keyboard that I used to play on too but he was at a different higher level.  Made that Keyboard Squeal like a Biiillllll**!!! please forgive me Lord.  Hey waiting for some more from Mr. Saville!!! Thx again!!!

Allan Smith ~ Fantastic what a band and awesome musicians.

Ron Pinto ~ The band sounds great !!

Chris Ali ~ Yes, it sounds like Communications but the vocals don’t really sound like Errol’s. I recall his voice to be deeper than this. May be that’s how he sounded before coming to Islamabad. One of Errol’s numbers that I really liked was “Superstition”. I loved the way he played the guitar licks in this number on his black Les Paul and sang vocals at the same time. I loved Alan Vandy’s “Honesty” by Billy Joel besides other numbers.  Allan Dias had a nice husky voice and sang the number “Lady” beautifully while playing his bass. Frankie also sang “Jet Airliner” from Steve Miller’s Band very nicely.  Overall, they were the best.  Communications was like a breath of fresh air in the music circle of Islamabad.

Alfred Dmello ~ This is soooo funky i love this…! Great Musicians. 🙂

Charles Suares ~ Awesome grove!

Gerry Suares ~ Spent some good times with these guys.

Clarence Lobo ~ Must’ve been in school in ’77 but was fortunate to watch & hear the communications and later play at the horseshoe! Real good times!

Track 2 ~ Be Yourself (Frankie on vocals).  Dedicated to Francis Anthony (Frankie)

Music is simply Super!! Love it!! ~ ldg

Ron Pinto ~ This is one cool recording guys………………….
And Frankie was exactly the way you describe him !!
I used to spend every night with him, Errol (jungle boy) and Pipus at their place before moving to Quebec and was looked after  just like Family !! God Bless him always !!

Eric Dsilva ~ Yes! Ronnie, thx. yeah! was just listening to it again and Alan and Malcolm seem to have superb coordination in this one.. Edgar too is doing some great fill-ins.  Brings back some great memories.. Yea I remember going every night to their place after playin at the Horseshoe..some great times!

Iqbal Kamdar ~ Good. Thank you very much for sharing.

Shah Fa-yyaz ~ Frankie was Bob Marley on Saxophone. not to mention the Hair.

Jesse Saville ~ What great musicians, what great people to know and no one had an attitude, and if they did, they rightfully could afford to!   However I never saw an attitude, coz I was treated like family by them all.  Great to Hear Frankie’s voice after all these years.
Dear Folks, keep in mind, these were days that were many years before Google Search for Lyrics.  You had to jot down the lyrics as heard on the Cassette player, and as the songs got faster and louder, the harder it got….. Great Great Great KHI musicians who put in their best to come up with the best 🙂 Hats off to them all !!!  Dias and Malcolm were the greatest Drum Combination of that era.  Check out Errol and My Dad from 2″07 – 2:23 (The aprox time frame)

Theresa Barrett ~ This sounds great!! Not sure if I saw Communications live though I remember going to the Horseshoe Rest briefly before I left.

© Legendary Musicians of Karachi

Track 3 ~ Eric Dsilva on vocals 

Dedicated to Sir Edgar Saville, a true legendary musician of Karachi.   It was an honor playing with a living legend in those days..  Days I will always cherish! ~Eric D’silva

Jesse Saville ~ Wow thanks Errol !!! This was just amazing !!!

Bosco D’souza ~ Edgar’s solo is fantastic, again have never heard this song back in those days.!!!

Boniface Herbert ~ Thanks Eric, love it. Hats off for great Edgar !!!

Theresa Barrett ~ This sounds great! Reminds me of my disco nights at Hotel Metropole when Edgar was with The Incrowd! Miss those days. Who is the vocalist on this track?

Jesse Saville ~ The Vocalist on the track is the man who posted the track, Mr. Errol D’Silva !!!

Michael Sylvester Rodrigues ~ That’s what I am talking about!!! that’s the key’s I was accustomed to listening to everyday and better solo’s from the Great Edgar Saville…RIP….Fu.. Errol is sounding great too!!!! the whole band…can you Imagine! Karachi!  We had some of the best.  Compare them to musicians I play with out here in the SFO area.   Just let us celebrate his life….he is a Legend in my eyes too!!! he made that YC-20….Squeal….I am sticking to my opinion!!! thanks…Eric DsilvaJesse Saville…Alan Dias…Malcolm…love it !!  Vandy is in there too…..sorry Vandy…you sound great too on that last tune i just heard!!! love

Jesse Saville ~ Errol’s guitar tone needs applause.  Back in those days without all the modules we have today, to get that effect !!!

Derek Clements ~ speechless!

Kevin Mendonca ~ After Iggy, Errol D’silva and Maxwell Dias, were guys to reckon with on the guitar!   Just loved their Gibsons, their tone sound.. What they did with their guitars is amazing!

Jesse Saville ~ Kevin, I wouldn’t say After Iggy, Coz if you heard Errol play “Michael Jackson’s Beat in solo on that very guitar, you would be surprised” And like wise if you heard Maxi play Samba Pa Ti, you would be surprised. I would never play down guitarists like Errol or Max.  They are both as much up there!  Iggy was great no doubt, but these guys were not down below.

Kevin Mendonca ~ No I dont mean it that way, Eric Dsilva (Errol)Maxwell Dias are way up there, I have heard them all play many many times and respect their music style and talent, just my opinion, knowing how versatile Iggy was on any guitar, keys that’s all.

Chris Ali ~ Hi Errol aka Eric. It has been a real treat to see and hear you all after 30 plus years.  Thanks for the clarification on your name. I thought I was loosing it :).

‘Communications’ at the “Crystal Ball Room” Holiday Inn Islamabad 1979!
© Legendary Musicians of Karachi

Photograph contributed by Jesse Saville

Colour treatment ~  by ldg

Track 4 ~ Let’s Go Disco 
This track is dedicated to a Legend – My brother, Malcolm Goveas! Listen to additional tracks on YouTube featuring Malcolm and Junoon ~ Errol Dsilva

Jesse Saville ~ In every song, you can tell how tight he was / is, I’m sure he’s still in touch with his music for sure. Guy’s as great as you all, can never part company with your instruments 🙂 What amazing tempo he always had.

We are waiting on 2 more tracks that will be posted here soon ~ ldg



2 thoughts on “Communications ~ live recordings of the 70s

  1. Wow. This is truly a blast from the past. Being a musician in those days was somewhat of a struggle. I was part of the band Irwins Error (on keyboards) and can recall all the difficult times with money, equipment, etc. and also so many fullfilling moments. In all, it was happy times in a fantastic city surrounded by amazing raw talent. In my humble opinion, the music of the 60s to 80s was and is legendary in its style and diversity, yet representing a common frequency of thoughts and melodies that give it a signature of the times. Great effort on this website. Best to all. Irfan Bawany

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