Peace Pipes ~ 60s

‘Peace Pipes’ ~ Danny Manuel, Tony Fernandes, Leon Davis, and Manuel (Manu) Fernandes.
Artwork ~ by ldg © Legendary Musicians of Karachi

© Legendary Musicians of Karachi

The Band ‘Peace Pipes’ at the Catholic Colony,  September 1968 with Danny Manuel, Tony Fernandes, Leon Davis & Manuel Fernandes.

Category ~  Musicians of Karachi
Photograph contributed by Charlotte Gomes
Artwork ~ by ldg


Theresa Barrett ~ Hey Lynette, that is my uncle Tony on drums! Wow, where did you get this pic.  It is priceless.  I don’t think I have ever seen pics of Tony and the band in their heyday.  Thanks for posting. This is very special!

Solomon David Clements ~  bass player is danny manuel , guitar player looks like manuel fernandes

Charlotte Gomes ~ Hey Lyn, thanks so much for posting this.. you are such a sweetheart.  I will send this to Manu and Rosy (Clive’s parents).. I just spoke to Manu a few days ago and he said he really appreciated this.. thanks 🙂

Richard Phillips ~ Wow that’s my cousin Leon this is in the house that his sister Dawn is still living in.

Robin Panjwaneey ~ Saw them playing at the old village restaurant which was THEN next to the Metropole Hotel.

Neil Clemonz ~ LMK is an excellent & outstanding chronological memoirs of all the great musicians that have contributed even sacrificed, over the years and generations, with their unique muscianship, talents & pure genius, they really are the pioneers & founders, responsible for planting the seed of world class music in Karachi.  That is why they will always be remembered and revered with utmost  love, gratitude and admiration 🙂



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