Sweeter Gets the Journey (album) ~ by Bosco Dsouza

Album Cover ~ Sweeter Gets the Journey
Artwork ~ ldg

© Legendary Musicians of Karachi
Photographs and music contributed by ~ Bosco Dsouza


Sometime in 1983 while working at the Seventh Day Adventist Hospital; I met some incredible musicians/singers and here is this recording.

The amazing voices are Carol Sedgman, Rosalie Rickards and Bernice Leavitt; on piano is Lyn Tung, bass Glenn Boyle, percussion Solomon Clements and myself (Bosco) on guitar.

Here we are at a studio in Karachi. (below)
Carol SedgmanRosalie Rickards and Bernice Leavitt on vocals
Bosco Dsouza (guitar),  Solomon (percussion), Glen Boyle (bass) and Lyn Tung  (piano)

Performing ‘live’ at Seventh Day Adventist Church, Karachi. (below)
From L to R ~ Solomon Clements (drums), Glen Boyle (bass), Bosco Dsouza (guitar) and Sabby Patrick.

Performing at the Seventh Day Adventist Church. (below)
From L to R ~  Rosalie Rickards, Bernice Leavitt and Carol Sedgman

Live at Seventh Day Adventist church (below)

Solomon Clements (percussion), Glen Boyle (bass), Bosco Dsouza (guitar) and Lyn Tung (keys)



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