Atiq ur Rehman ~ Best Rock Drummer of the 70s

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Photograph contributed by ~ Eric D’silva

This was about a year ago when my uncle Ulysses Polacco requested that I dig up some information of a drummer that was well known in the live music circuit of Karachi in the early 70s.   He was pretty persistent and posted several times on the LMK forum requesting for members to dig up some old photographs of him.

I had vaguely heard of Mr. Rehman but had no idea what an outstanding drummer he was till I started doing a bit of research.   As usual, not much material is available on these talented musicians and digging for information is like, without sounding cliched; looking for a needle in a haystack.  

However, we finally tracked Mr. Atiq ur Rehman through Eric Dsilva in the US and Eric posted some recent photographs of them jamming together at some event.  He was also featured in Eric Dsilva’s write up of the ‘Underground 4’.

Mr. Atiq ur Rehman ~ Not just a great musician but an extremely encouraging one.  He supported many upcoming live musicians of his time;  even speaking on behalf of them and securing contracts at venues.  I hear the way the old guys speak of him and no doubt there is a lot of appreciation and love for him.

And Yes!! he is the same  Atiq ur Rehman ; the owners of the famous Rehmani food store in Saddar.  

Thank you so much Eric Dsilva for sharing this photograph.  ~ ldg

LMK has categorized Mr. Atiq ur Rehman as the ‘Best Rock Drummer of the 70s’

to be continued…………..


Atiq ur Rehman
Artwork ~ by ldg © Legendary Musicians of Karachi


2 thoughts on “Atiq ur Rehman ~ Best Rock Drummer of the 70s

  1. I vote Freddie as the best drummer of the 70s. Have heard them both.. freddie in wfive and atiq with mansours hello why are you… trust me.

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