With Robin John there is no end ~ by ZeeJay

Robin John

© Legendary Musicians of Karachi

Like many upcoming musicians of his time, my father started his music career in a popular band called “The End of the Road”.

The band consisted of three musicians who are no short of introduction; Mario Rebello (drums), Terrence Simpson (bass), and Patrick Callaghan – R.I.P (rhythm).

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Mario Rebello (drums), Terrence Simpson (bass), Patrick Callaghan – R.I.P (rhythm)
and Robin John (keys)
Artwork ~ by ldg © Legendary Musicians of Karachi

It was in 1976 when the band recruited a 19 year old organist, who had no prior professional experience what-so-ever; All he brought with him was 6 years of dedicated practice, his skill with a church organ and his overwhelming love for music.  Robin John was introduced as the official organist for “The End of the Road”.

“The End of the Road” came to an end for Robin John in 1979 when he decided to move on and further pursue his career in music.  He switched to recordings and worked as an independent keyboard player and a music arranger in the Pakistan Film Industry.

At age 21 Robin John (as we say in NY) was “running the town”! He was working with top vocalists like Alamgir and Muhammad Ali Shehki as a back-up musician and top-notch composers like Karim Shahabuddin, Sohail Rana and Nisar Bazmi.

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Pakistan Day Parade 1989 New York
Mr. Robin John accompanied Mr.Sohail Rana & Team

Robin John represented Pakistan internationally and was the first Christian musician to be awarded the Presidential Award by the former president of Pakistan, Gen. Pervaiz Musharraf in the year 2000.

Now, for the past nine years he has been living in the US and there is still no end to his musical journey.  He is producing music in the US and is currently working with celebrated Indian vocalists.

And there’s still more to come, because when you’re talking about Robin John, there is no END!

By ZeeJay

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‘With Robin John there is no end! ‘ ~ by ZeeJay

*Note by ldg ~  Robin John is the son of the legendary singer S. B. John who was awarded the ‘Pride of Performance’ award by the President of Pakistan, Asif Ali Zardari on August 14, 2010.



4 thoughts on “With Robin John there is no end ~ by ZeeJay

  1. Msg. from Ali Tim

    Kindly post this to Robin John.

    Hey there. Robin i have known all my life,sort of! First I saw him play at Sind Medical College annual gigs . His Jon Lord wacky stuff on Keh Daine with Alamgir (live) . Then at Novitas Cine International studios in the early 90s.
    And then we met at a gig, probably in 93 at the KMC Sports complex karachi. it was a big event for some school kids. I got there at 7 pm sharp and found the place empty. Robin was standing there. i asked \”where is the audience?\” He said ,\”will come\” An hour later the place started to fill up, all i saw was kids and teenagers.

    I looked at Ziyyad and Candy (The Milestones). We were actually prepared with Guns and Roses and P Floyd songs. Perplexed, i went to Robin again and asked <"So what do we play and what do we do ?
    "Entertain them kids. You guys are here to entertain and play…. so do your job" i still remember his words "Entertain them kids".
    That was a lesson right there for me. When you get into a biz you got to do everything and as a prodigy should not act bigger than your boots. I still follow that. Also I personally like Robin and his brother Donald aka Babblo.

    I am honest when i say that most of the PK musicians (live and studio) on keys and bass have learnt one thing or another from Robin and Donald. I am glad Robin happened to our Music Industry!

  2. Thanx Tim my friend all I can say God is good all the time….& also God bless our country where I earned all the respect I may live in any part of the world will never froget Pakistan friends & well wishers like you….Tc long live our country & soon goes Zardari……Peace

    • GR8 efforts by LMK the entire team & some of them happened to be my childhood buddies….GBU all Happy Christmas & a prosper New Year…love U guys.

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