Visions with ‘live’ recordings ~ by Darryl Leachay

© Legendary Musicians of Karachi

Photographs contributed by Sabby Patrick and ldg
Artwork ~ by ldg


The VISIONS were formed in 1984-85 by Eric Lucas, Ricky Leachay, Trevor D’cruz, Clifford Lucas and myself Darryl Leachay.  We immediately struck a contract at the famous Village restaurant.

Track 1 of 3  ~ an old ‘live’ recording done over 2 decades ago.
Eric Lucas ~ vocals
Richard Coelho ~ saxophone
Rick Leachay ~ lead
Cliffy Lucas ~ keys
Allan Smith ~ on drums
Darryl Leachay ~ bass

During the initial years the band went through many changes.  Ronnie James from the AXE ATTACK joined us.  Trevor DCruz RIP was replaced by Glen DCruz.

Ronnie then went back to his old band AXE ATTACK.

Visions L-R ~ Clifford Lucas (keys), Richard Coelho (front sax), Rick Leachay (lead),
Ronnie James (vocals), Allan Smith (drums), Sabby Patrick (front sax) and Darryl Leachay (bass)

The live music industry was doing pretty well during the late 80s and we had several good bands playing at all the hotels and other locations, always looking for musicians.  Kevin Francis joined us for a short period before he moved to X-PERIMENTS.  He was replaced by Gerard Vandelowen, who eventually quit the VISIONS to join the BLACK JACKS.

Track 2 of 3  ~ an old ‘live’ recording done over 2 decades ago.
Ronnie James ~ vocals
Richard Coelho and Sabby Patrick ~ saxophone
Rick Leachay ~ lead
Cliffy Lucas ~ keys
Allan Smith ~ on drums
Darryl Leachay ~ bass

The venue subsequently moved from the Village restaurant to the Plaza hotel Casablanca.  Ronnie James joined us once again and along came an additional musician, Richard Coelho on the saxophone.

Visions L-R ~ Clifford Lucas, Rick Leachay, Richard Coelho, Allan Smith,
Ronnie James, Eric Lucas and Darryl Leachay

The Visions became extremely popular with the younger crowd as we were not just doing commercial music but added some rock tunes which made us uniquely different at the time.

In addition, we performed at exclusive shows, parties, dances, wedding till about the ’90s. We also played at the WOOD AND CAVE, KEWAL and all the five star hotels in Karachi.

Visions ~ Jason Dsouza, Rick Leachay, Sabby Patrick, Richard Coelho

Glen DCruz our drummer quit Visions and joined the Radiations and Allan Smith moved from Keynotes to Visions.

Eric Lucas left us and headed out to the US and Sabby Patrick stepped in.

Visions L – R ~ Richard Coelho, Rick Leachay
and Allan Smith

Next Ronnie James left for Australia and then Clifford Lucas decided to leave and tag up with Kevin Francis at the AVARI TOWERS.

In came Christopher Rangel.

Visions L – R ~ Darryl Leachay, Rick Leachay, Allan Smith, Sabby Patrick, Clifford Lucas, Ronnie James and Richard Coelho

Eventually the VISIONS line up looked something like this; Allan Smith on Drums, Christopher Rangel on Keyboards, Ricky Leachay on lead, Richard Coelho and Sabby Patrick on saxophone and myself Darryl Leachay on bass.  The above line up were together till 1993.

Then Alan Smith joined the Milestones and Gumby joined the Visions.  That line up lasted till 1994.

Track 3 of 3  ~ a ‘Visions‘ original  also recorded 20 years ago.
Eric Lucas ~ vocals
Richard Coelho and Hilary Furtado on this track ~ saxophone
Rick Leachay ~ lead
Cliffy Lucas ~ keys
Allan Smith ~ on drums
Darryl Leachay ~ bass

Ricky Leachay left for WHAT’S HAPPENING at the SHERATON,  Sabby left for Canada, Richard quit because of work and Gumby started free lancing with other musicians.

Visions L – R ~ Eric Lucas and Rick Leachay

Christopher and myself (Darryl) continued to keep the Visions going and added new members; Lawrence Soares on drums, Jason on vocals Hillary Rodrigues on saxophone and my good friend Bonny Herbert on lead.  We finally disbanded around 1998 when I finally moved to Canada.


Correction Noted

Christopher Rangel ~ hmm i think the drummer’s name is Peter – well at least that is what we called him lolz

Sylvester D’souza ~ That’s Peter Charles on the drums!


Some great musicians played with us for short periods whom I would certainly like to mention:

Solomon Clements

Joe Menezes

Tino Pinto

Robert Dsouza

Ashley Clements

Johnny Dsouza

George Paulose

David Joseph 

Brian Lobo



Darryl Leachay ~ good times………

Allan Smith ~ Right there bro.
Emily Dias ~ Allan u look cute … good old days
Adrian Fletcher Hehehe … It looks like Cliffie got punched in the eye 🙂 (referring to one of the photographs above)
Colin DeSouza ~ Where is Eric Lucas.  Is he on Facebook?

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