‘Neon’ by the Leachays

If you are a jazz lover then you are definitely going to dig this original track ‘Neon’ by the talented ‘Leachay’ brothers; Rick and Darryl and the youngest upcoming musician in the family; Keanu.

Rick and Darryl were actively part of the live music entertainment, circa 80s~90s.   Rick (lead guitarist) was trained by the legend himself Egan Fernandes (Iggy) and is an accomplished musician in his own right and his brother Darryl (bass guitarist) has certainly followed suit.

Most delighted to share ‘Neon’ here on lmkonline and even more pleased to see them experimenting and doing their own thing.   And Folks! that is certainly what music is all about…  digging deep and allowing the talent to explore and unfurl.

Reckon we are definitely going to hear more from these guys!!

Lead and Keys ~ Rick Leachay

Bass ~ Darryl Leachay

Drums~ Keanu Leachay

Mixed by Farhan Shaikh at Saazmantra Studios, CA, US.

© Legendary Musicians of Karachi


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