Dose of ‘Radiation’ with Angelo D’Cruz


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The ‘Radiation’ was a hugely popular ‘live’ band of the 90s.  Probably one of the last few great bands that Karachi had before live entertainment went off the radar.   Much to do I suppose with the in surge of DJs and the decline in venues.

We recently got in touch with Mr. Angelo D’cruz, who is now based in Ontario to tell us more about the band.


When did  ‘Radiation’ form and who were the original and subsequent members?

The original name was ‘Midnight Liner’.  Sometime during mid ‘87 the name was changed and ‘Radiation’ is what Robert D’cruz came up with.

The original band were Joseph Rodrigues, Robert D’cruz, Bonnie Herbert, Joe Menzes, Rauf and myself Angelo D’cruz.

There were several replacements as time went by however, the final line up prior to windup on February 14, 1996 were: Agnelo Fernandes, Max Dias, Tony D’souza (Tom Jones), Neil Aranjo and myself
The musicians below played with Radiation at some point and then moved on:
Hilary Rodrigues, Melvin Fernandes, Brian Lobo, Glen D’cruz, John Saville, Norman D’souza

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We here at LMK are promoting the live bands and musicians of the past and therefore want to know more about your initial years with the ‘Radiation’?

How did it all start? Were you playing regularly and where?

We initially started playing for weddings and live shows and the band took off from there.  Next we were asked to play at consulates like the US Embassy, British Embassy and others.  We also performed for corporate clients like ANZ Bank, American Express and others.  In addition to that, we played for private parties at Defence and Clifton; The Rotary Club, Yatch Club, Sindh Club etc.  

We were gigging all over town despite our regular contract at ‘The Village’; which we held for 9 years.  Hilary Furtado also gave us the opportunity to play at a resort in Islamabad.

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What are your fondest musical memories in Karachi?  Tell us a bit about the atmosphere back then.

We had many good times together as a band and enjoyed every moment.  Yes! we were always on the go and it did get hectic and exhausting as all the musicians had day jobs but that never impacted our performance as a band at any event.  We always gave our best!  

The Christmas season was the busiest and we never had a day free.  We also had an advantage playing at the Village Restaurant as the management there were extremely good to us and gave us time off during the busy season.

What kind of music were the ‘Radiation’ most drawn towards? The music that you as a band enjoyed playing?

We played all kinds of music from rock and roll to country to classic to hip hop.  We played what the people enjoyed and tried to keep up with the new music coming in and always catered to our audience’s request.

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As one of the best live bands of the 90s.  Why did the ‘Radiation’ decide to disband?

Radiation was well known  and were playing for almost all occasions in Karachi.  The band was at its highest peak of fame when we decided to disband.  It was the perfect time to do so as we had reached our pinnacle and were known and loved.   

We wanted the name of the band to stay at that level when it all came to a close as we were losing members/musicians that wanted to pursue other opportunities.

Max was going to join a three piece band, Tony and I were heading to Canada.  The rest of the members did not want to carry on so it was a mutual decision to end at the KGA Valentine Dance.   Only upon request by some to-be-wed couples did we form up to play at their weddings.

Something for the upcoming musicians…  A thought, a slogan

Enjoy every moment of your musical career.  

And even though it all seems very entertaining, never lose sight of your dedication and give every performance more than your best.


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5 thoughts on “Dose of ‘Radiation’ with Angelo D’Cruz

    • Heard them live , many times at The Village . I still remember them playing Stevie Wonder , Hotter than July . I shot the Sheriff . I remember Neil in the line up .Bonnie used to be this crazy long haired lead player . He used to be a great performer too . Midnight Liner ….? Were they at the Horse Shoe back in the days ?

      • Thank you . Ali Tim I remember you coming to Village now and then. Yes we did play at the Horse Shoe in the early 80’s. as the Midnight liner.

  1. The ‘Radiation’ with Angelo D’Cruz were really a great band of the 90’s I had the best of times with them, tagged along for many weddings and shows and even the afternoon Practice sessions as well..I first heard them at Village Garden when I came down from Bahrain…AD, as I call Angelo was a great band leader he kept the band going really very well hats down to you AD and not forgetting the band too…As I say AD was really a great leader.. I started to DJ along with AD and my first show with AD was St Patrick’s Feast at the American Club and there on started off the DJ scene.. I had the privilege to dj along with the Radiation for many weddings n shows at the US Consulate etc. I learnt a lot from the Man himself (AD)…I still remember DJ Richie who was the best in the business at that time but AD told me Richie can be the best but you can do better and with that encouragement to do better always and from there we got to do the Oldies goldies show at KGA and from there AD’s DJ rocked..

    All the Best AD and Three Cheers!!….

    • Thank you Alfred Farrell. For all your kind words you have always worked hard as a DJ and that is why you became so good.

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