The Surfers ~ 60s – 70s

The SurfersThe Surfers© Legendary Musicians of Karachi

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The Surfers’ performing at the Sind Club in 1964 with Steve Griffin on drums, Brian Fernandes, Darryl and  Ronnie Buddell on guitars and Dennis Davids on keys.

  Atiq Rehman Good band where is Steven Brian and Dennis

  Bosco D’souza Atiq, Dennis is in Toronto, not sure about the rest.

 Merv Dsouza where is Steve Griffin! Does anyone know Please!

 Robin Panjwaneey Have danced to their music in Metropole.

 Ashley Fraser remember them well..

 Christine Gloria Catherine Wheeler I remember them well.  Denis’ family lived above my family at Regal Mansion, Steve is my cousin. Does anyone know the whereabouts of Steve?

The Surfers

‘The Surfers’  at the Sind Club ~ 1966

  Ashley Fraser nice 1….

 Ron Pinto These pics are awesome Bosco D’souza………Dennis is one great singer and pianist …………………. and good Ole Steve !!

The Surfers

The Surfers at the Sind Club ~ 1968

 Atiq Rehman Nice picture does anybody knows were Steve griffin is?

  Sadaf Munir Wow!!

Photographs contributed by Bosco D’souza

Colour treatment and editing ~ ldg


One thought on “The Surfers ~ 60s – 70s

  1. There is no doubt (music-wise) that edgar
    was the king on keyboards but guess who was # 2 (to me) it was dennis d

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