Tribute to Kaleem Ahmed

Tribute to Kaleem Ahmed

L-R ~ Kaleem Ahmed (late) & Salim Khan (late)

Sad to announce the passing away of Mr. Kaleem Ahmed

He is sitting on the left with late Salim Khan
~ Photograph courtesy Mr. Shahid Barry

Kaleem Ahmed, Salim Khan & Juju played at parties/clubs and called themselves “Bloods”.
Salim played drums, Juju lead guitar & Kaleem vocals & guitar.


One thought on “Tribute to Kaleem Ahmed

  1. Kaleem is sadly missed. Not only was he a superb musician playing guitar, he also played flute (after Tull) and a sang with passion. He was a true and compassionate friend and one of the highly intelligent and knowledgeable persons I have ever known. We were admitted to the Dow/Sind medical college together in 1974 and successfully graduated despite having so many other extra curricular activities. He was full of humor and made me laugh for decades, sometimes out of control. I like to add that another legendary human being, the late Naveed Rehman was the drummer for their band the “Bioods”. RIP my friends.

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