Yunis Minhas of ‘Star Electronics’

Star Electronics

The Men of Star Electronics, Karachi!
Yunis Minhas (center), Farooq (left) and Saleem (right)

© Legendary Musicians of Karachi

Our LMK forum has enabled us to connect with people that have had a great effect on the lives of our Karachiites and who have contributed significantly apropos to music.

A few months ago we spoke with Mr. Younis Minhas, who was one of the first to set up a recording business in Karachi, Pakistan.
‘Star Electronics’! a name known by many, especially the music lovers of Karachi.

Younis established the recording and sales side of ‘Star Electronics’ whilst he got his brothers Farooq and Saleem to run the business.  He then moved to Cyprus and eventually to the US and his brothers took over.

Their shop was a bustling haunt for many of our LMK musicians and other music enthusiasts that have fond memories of visiting the place and getting their music selections recorded by them.

Mr. Minhas, thank you so much for your lovely post on our forum and especially for taking the time to chat with us.  

When did you establish the recording business and what made you consider setting it up?

I established Star Electronics in 1969, before that in the same location, it was a very popular restaurant named K-WALITY, which was a family business.

In 1969 I converted the restaurant into Star Electronics, we sold mostly consumer electronic items.  I was very much in love with jazz and classical music and at the same time an audiophile.  I even did some designing of speakers for personal use.

It was in 1971 when I wanted to record 8 tracks for my car and friends always wanted to borrow my 8 tracks and then cassettes.  What was a hobby turned into a business and we started getting the elite crowd of Pakistan especially Karachi.  I believed in making quality products.

Many music dealers used to buy cassettes and then duplicate and sell it. I started getting demand from Lahore, Pindi, Multan, Hyderbad etc.

Your favourite hangout during the days when Karachi had an active nightlife?  Any favourite ‘live’ musician’ Or ‘band’ that you would like to mention?

I used to hang out at the Midway House and Samar.  Our New Year parties were also in big demand, people wanted to get on our party list.

I do miss Karachi, most of the guys I knew are in different parts of the world and I still keep in touch with few, Jimmy Peters is one of them.

I was good friends with ‘Moonglow’, ‘Keynotes’ and ‘Four Thoughts’,

Your old customers still remember you and your brothers Farooq and Saleem fondly.  Would you like to thank anyone or mention anything special?

Most of your Karachi bands used to come looking for new music.   Some of my good customers/close friends were Lofty, Sharon and Quinee Farnandez, we still keep in touch.

Star Electronics did create many elite friends from known families of Pakistan.

We used to promote local musicians starting from Quwals and Gazals singers, Including Jagit and Chitra.

Any thoughts for the people back home?

The best years of my life were spent in Karachi, still know and have some business people friends and some very famous politicians.  Wish I could turn back the time.

Moderate Pakistani’s should take back Pakistan.  Most Pakistani people are talented and hard working!



Star Electronics was located just opposite Regal Cinema and the other branch was opposite Cafe-De-Khan, P.E.C.H.S. Karachi



Wayne Croning ~ Yunis, I remember coming down to the shop and getting Deep Purple recorded on cassette. Little space was left on side B and they recorded a bit of Ted Nugent.

Sharon Fernandez ~ Happy New Year Yunis! Thanks for the wonderful music that you introduced us to…some of which is still in my collection. Fond memories of a different life…

Don Bowers ~ I have very fond memories of working with them.


2 thoughts on “Yunis Minhas of ‘Star Electronics’

  1. This is as fantastic as it can get. I can’t forget the excitement of having my first audio cassette recorded by Star Electronics in Saddar Karachi. The Album was “Cerrone – Love in C Minor” followed by the second Album titled “Physical Graffiti” by Led Zeppelin and then the list goes on. I still have all those cassettes recorded by Star Electronics in my possession.

  2. Dear bhai Yunis….what most of us saw of our beloved Karachi, then days (especially during the mid 60’s — mid 70’s was unbelievable)… The now generation of Karachi would/can never ever imagine that Karachi was sooo soooo beautiful, especially pop-music-wise decades ago… Karachi and Pakistan as a whole will never experience that excellent ERA again (during our lifetime)

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