NBF (Karachi Musicians) wins Corporate Battle of the Bands, Dubai ~ by Chester Williams

NBF Band

© Legendary Musicians of Karachi

National of Fujairah (NBF) ~ Karachi Musicians wins the first ever Corporate Battle of the Bands, Dubai

There was a time when Dubai was a haven for the underground music fanatic. Almost every weekend offered a live concert in a questionable location – the underground car park of the old University of Wollongong or right in the middle of the Wonderland theme park, featuring a plethora of young bands with amazing talent and high hopes.

Alas, those times are gone. With regulations now tighter than ever on who is allowed to play where, it has become increasingly difficult for young, unknown bands to gain any real recognition at the local level, never mind the international stage.

Indeed, a recent review of the local music market suggested that there are dozens of hugely talented musicians who aren’t getting the recognition they deserve, simply because they aren’t being given the chance to perform.

Happily, though, this isn’t the death of the local music scene as we know it and there are organizers surfacing that are looking to give these musicians the break that they deserve.

Hence emerged The Corporate Battle of the Bands which was organized by City Max Huddles Sports Bar & Grill and Main Stage Events in Dubai. The first ever event was an absolute success wherein 16 corporates entered the competition spanning 5 weeks.

Rules of the competition were simple: all bands were given 15 minutes to showcase their musical talent.  After round one, 6 bands were selected to move to the next stage and from which 3 were selected for the Finals.

The finals were between Majid Al Futtaim, SAE (School of Sound & Audio Engineering) and NBF (Karachi Musicians);

And Yes guess what.. We are proud to announce that NBF (National Bank of Fujairah) won the competition. There were a panel of 3 judges who consisted of professional musicians and sound engineers.

Overall it was a well-organized event, thoroughly enjoyed by all.

Kudos to the organizers!!

The band comprises of musicians Stanley (guitar/vocals), Siddiq M (bass/lead vocals), Fedora (lead vocals) and Lawrence Soares (drums) that also happen to be work colleagues.  They play classic rock covers from the 80’s/90’s.. AC/DC, GNR, Def Leppard, Europe, Queen, Europe etc.

Siddiq M. is the son Arif Mohammad (Founding Member of Abstracts, a Karachi based Rock group during the late 60’s/70’s) and Lawrence Soares is the son of (late) Peter Soares (Rhythm Quintet aka Soares Brothers).  Both Arif Mohammad and Peter Soares feature in LMK.

Big Congratulations to our Karachi Musicians for winning this event!

We are truly proud of you!






One thought on “NBF (Karachi Musicians) wins Corporate Battle of the Bands, Dubai ~ by Chester Williams

  1. Hey… this is Joaquim from Karachi now residing in Abu Dhabi. Can i get the coordinates of these guys….and others who play in the UAE. I would go crazy to visit and hear them play and sing…

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