Bug Buddies ~ by Syed Javed Sadiq


Jimmy Jamshaid and Atiq Rehman

We studied at St. Paul’s High School in Karachi from where the first pop band of the 60s ‘The Bugs’ originated from.

Most musicians then were self taught as was Atiq… banging away on desks, tables ‘n’ tin plates as cymbals.

It was a lively era…easy-going n comfy with all ethnicities.  Clubs abounded…every Saturday was a party night.  The youth was appreciative… all out for a bit of fun n frolic.  And these islands of cultural diaspora nurtured and turned into pro fledgling bands.

Atiq was certainly among the better known percussionists… with his ever endearing smile n demeanor.  Moon Glows did their ditty at the Karachi Gymkhana while the then relatively recent band the Incrowd ruled the roost among the young vibrant music ‘luvers’ inspired by lyrics of Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendricks, Bob Dylan; the emerging Afro-American music like Santana, Rare Earth, Osibisa, Boney M, and yes, the reggae legend Bob Marley.


One thought on “Bug Buddies ~ by Syed Javed Sadiq

  1. Oh boy what have I found here old memories from my school St Pats my name is ZIA Rahman I remember a lot of you and the good times we had may god rest in piece the ones who passed away and bless the ones who are still with us my E mail zia_ Rahman742 @yahoo . Com ….. I’m in Dallas Texas …

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