The Xavier Sisters ~ by Bosco D’souza


BOAC Speedbird House Airport

A few pictures of The Xavier Sisters during their musical career in Pakistan which began in 1966 and ended in 1975.



Pop Festival 1971



The Shalimar – Lahore

They performed mainly in Karachi at various venues, but also played in Lahore, Islamabad, Daharki, and were the first Karachi band to have an out-of-country contract (Teheran) in 1969.

Goethe Institute



The Grand Hotel

During their career span, one of the sisters took a two-year hiatus to pursue further studies abroad, hence some pictures show just four of the five sisters.

The Metropole Garden


PAF Officers Mess, Mauripur


In 1972, towards the latter part of their musical career, the sisters started to emigrate one at a time.  Male musician friends replaced them until in 1975 when they finally disbanded as the rest of the family emigrated to Canada.

PAF Officers Mess, Mauripur


Our LMK Co-Founders Sabby Patrick and Bosco D’souza met up with two of the sisters recently in Canada.


Sabby (Blackjacks), Jennifer (Xavier Sisters), Bosco(Black Jacks) and Brenda (Xavier Sisters)


2 thoughts on “The Xavier Sisters ~ by Bosco D’souza

  1. Yes folks, “The Xavier Sisters” were a good band, during our music playing days in Karachi…..

  2. I remember well visiting The Xavier household and going over to tune the
    very new red sparkle Premier drum set for Jackie. I loved Premier drums, and one of my fav drummers who used them….namely Keith Moon from The Who.

    Hope you still have this kit Jackie?
    Thaddeus Pint

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